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SkyeWard: Rollercoaster (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Fanfiction) by saveskyeward
SkyeWard: Rollercoaster (Agents B :)
Ward and Skye are on a mission... in Disney World....? So, it's no surprise when Skye is goofing off, she gets herself kidnapped. Ward is left to save her, with time tic...
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From underdogs to top dogs by PawPerson101
From underdogs to top dogsby PawPerson101
The paw Patrol reimagined as humans in high school. Each one facing their own emotional and physical problems not to mention the bullies. By meeting and befriending each...
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Skyeward AU by SamanthaGCrago
Skyeward AUby Samantha
Grant Ward, the words that Skye never thought could make her feel happy but now they do. What were her feelings for him ? Why couldn't she figure them out? Of course she...
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I Think I Love My Brother's Best Friend by katiebarakarth
I Think I Love My Brother's Best Katie
Meet Skye Barker. She pretty, smart, heartbroken, and Adam Barker's little sister. Meet Chace Matthews. He's cocky, gorgeous,a player, and Adam Barker's best friend. Cha...
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If You Didn't Want Me Why Did You Kidnap Me?! by xLimewireJunkiex
If You Didn't Want Me Why Did xLimewireJunkiex
Schuyler was kidnapped walking home from her job a couple streets away from her house, by a group of guys that seem no older than her. they were hoping for a girl named...
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Kryptonite (Morton Series #1) by iamriayn
Kryptonite (Morton Series #1)by Ria
"Welcome on board, this is your Captain speaking." Photo credits of the bookcover to the rightful owner.
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When You're Ready by IRIDESCENC3
When You're Readyby BLACK LIVES MATTER
In which Natalia Bennett catches the eye of the big bad wolf. | Niklaus Mikaelson x Black Girl |
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My golden girl (Midas x reader)  by X_Meowscles_X
My golden girl (Midas x reader) by Meowscles
{??ended??} After being caught by shadow agents you gain the help of a alliance Ghost where you meet a cursed man who can only feel gold or that's what you think. You h...
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The Amazing Spider-Man: Agents of SHIELD by Fireheartsage
The Amazing Spider-Man: Agents Fireheartsage
Spider-Man had just returned to action after the death of Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborn... the Green Goblin, is locked in Ravencroft planning to get out. It was at Gwen's gra...
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[Completed-Finished Editing]Do You Trust Me? by Shuichi_Kurama
[Completed-Finished Editing]Do Kurama(On hiatus)
◼️Paw Patrol : Do You Trust Me?◼️ ||A Fan-Fiction made by Shuichi_Kurama|| Can you really love if you can't trust someone? Love is like any other structure You need the...
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Christmas shorts ~ Paw Patrol by PawPerson101
Christmas shorts ~ Paw Patrolby PawPerson101
Starting on December 1st 2019. A book of Christmas oneshots starring the Paw Patrol! Set in a human AU, containing many different ships 😆. Hope you enjoy - merry Christ...
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Middle School Heroes by kaffee32
Middle School Heroesby kaffee32
Imagine a world where Charles Xavier has expanded his school for gifted children to include not only X-gene positive children, but children from all over the Marvel and...
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Saving Grant Ward by CaptainSophieStark
Saving Grant Wardby CaptainSophie
Grant Ward, double agent and evil Hydra mastermind. But what would've happened if he had someone to keep him sane? This is the story of Samantha Slater, Grant Ward's bes...
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NO GOOD DEED by reachase-
NO GOOD DEEDby anna!
no good deed goes unpunished and as Katharine Morgan would find out, a life of good deeds didn't turn out so great either.
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Paw Patrol: The New Chase by EricS8
Paw Patrol: The New Chaseby Keegan S.
When Chase gets Injured very baddly on a job, he starts to have outbursts at everyone, which is not excepted. Chase starts to ferl left out making him even angrier. Can...
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Running Through the Stars (Book One of the Bad Wolf Chronicles) by WritersBlock039
Running Through the Stars (Book Miss Moffat
Never would she have imagined herself working for SHIELD. She does that every day now. Never did she imagine she could live life as a free mutant, be respected. Done dea...
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Paw Patrol 1 Shots by EricS8
Paw Patrol 1 Shotsby Keegan S.
A book of 1 shots, I got this idea from a lot of people.
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Paw Patrol: The Future (ON HOLD) by EricS8
Paw Patrol: The Future (ON HOLD)by Keegan S.
This is pretty much a story that takes place 50 years into the future. It should be a fun one so just sit back relax and read! Disclaimer I don't own the Paw Patrol
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. x Reader by heyimbigmack
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. x Readerby McKenna
You and your childhood best friend, Skye, are prominent members of the Rising Tide, a group of hackers looking to reveal secrets that big organizations conceal from the...
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Paw Patrol Gets a New Pup by EricS8
Paw Patrol Gets a New Pupby Keegan S.
The Paw Patrol has no way to predict weather it is when a pup comes that loves weather. Should they decide to build a weather station or help her get her weather senses...
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