emo prep arranged marrage 3

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Chapter 3

" Are you okay?" I asked, still wondering if he had gotten cut.

" You like slipknot?! Really? Are you that emo? I mean, mom and dad said that you were, a little

bit, but not that much. Like, they said you didn't cut yourself or anything. But, really, Slipknot the major emo

band?! And- wait. You don't do you?" He said it in one big blurr.

" Do what?" I asked, a little confused.

" Cut yourself. You don't, do you? Let me see your arm." He said 'let me see your arm,' as if he was

King George The Third er someone like that.

" No." I said, wondering why it was such a big deal if I was 'emo' or not.

" Let me see it!" He yelled, and I realized he was totallu like, bipolar.

" No! It shouldn't matter!" I yelled, and almost ran out of the room. But, he stopped me, by grabbing

my arm and pulling me to the ground. Next, I don't know how it happened, but he was on top of me, wrestling

to see my arms, that I was hiding under my coat.

" Have you showed him Emile- Oh..." Mom! " I'll leave you to alone..." Mom closed the door.

Trayton got off of me, and I was relived. It had seemed like he weighed 500 pounds! (exzaggeration[?])

" Don't. Ever. Touch. Me. Again." I said, with my teeth clenched together.

He got up, brushed off his pants, and went downstairs.


I walked downstairs, after checking my facebook, and went into the living room.

"What movie shall you watch?" A voice said behind me, which was creepy because I had just asked

myself that question.

I turned and looked. Trayton. " F*ckin' creeper." I muttered to myself.

" Emilee!" Mom yelled. " You shall not use those words in this house! Especially in front of a guest!"

" Oooookaaaay, mom." I said, and resumed on finding a movie.

" How bout we watch The Note Book?" Mom said, her glossy lips puffed out. I then realized what she

was wearing. It was a yellow dress that had pink flowers on it. It was wayyyyyy to tight for her. It made her

huge boobs squish out and it made her butt look humongus! Ewwwww....

My mom had blondish hair, blue eyes, and she weighed about 150 - 160 pounds.

" No way!" I said, answering her question. Then I had an idea. " How bout we watch The Ring 2?

C'mon, trayton. Lets have a friendly bond. We can watch it in our movie theatre"

It turned out that I made him watch it. He scrame his freakin head off when the girl was climbing up

the well after the blonde headed girl. His face was priceless!

We ate popcorn, and I threw it at his face everytime he scrame. It was hailarious!

Afterwards, it was eleven at night, and even though it was a Staurday I went to sleep. Mom said good-

night to us in my room, like she did when I was 8 years old.

"Ahhh... Good-night Emilee..." He was curled up on the left side of my bed.

" Good-night, Trayton." I smiled a fake smile, then shut the light off. I got into bed, and waited umtil I

could hear him snoring.

Then I brought my legs to my chest and fell ansleep.


I brought my legs to my chest and kicked trayton off the bed. He fell onto the floor with a loud thump.

" Whatd ya do that for?!" He yelled.

" For the same reason you can't use my bathroom. It's mine!" He fell asleep on the floor.


In the morning, about 7in the morning, I got up ad smiled. I had a perfect idea. I went downstairs, and

filled a bowl of warm water. I went back into my room. Sleeping....

Walking over to Trayton, I set the bowl on the ground. After making sure my blankets werren't under him

and his were, I put his hand in the water.

I went back into my bed, and fell asleep, wondering if that trick actually worked, because I had never tried

it before.

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