Infinite jokes or texts ⚛☯ by JamesdeanJames
Infinite jokes or texts ⚛☯by Dean⚡️🔥
Hi guys my name is jamesdean this book is about text and jokes now let's just say I didn't make some of these joke but I found it from online books so if you guys thin...
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The Bad Boy and My Cookie  by ElaBearXx
The Bad Boy and My Cookie by ℰunice
❧♚☙ "Hey! That's my cookies you're stomping on!" My blue eyes meeting his dark blue ones. "What are you gonna do about it?" He taunted, his perfectly...
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The War Bond by therealKH
The War Bondby Therealkh
!!Needs editing!! {Book 2 in the bond series! I recommend reading 'The Royal Bond' first!} This is Mason and Octavia's Book! ***HIGHEST RANKING: 20 IN WEREWOLF*** ...
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The Bad Boy Thinks I'm Suicidal by MissSarcasm12
The Bad Boy Thinks I'm Suicidalby MissSarcasm12
Highest rank #1 in Humor. 13.8.2016 "Cali, drop the knife, you know it is never that hard that you have to kill yourself." "For the last time Blake. I...
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Abused Little Mate by xzJoker
Abused Little Mateby Xhea
Aviana Dean wasn't loved since 6, she didn't know why but she didn't care she did as asked, abused everyday. What happens when one day the kick her out of her pack and s...
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bet | joey birlem  { completed }  by euphoriaherron
bet | joey birlem { completed } by -bridgette
IN WHICH THEY MAKE A BET! Highest ranking: #1 in choey #1 in joeybirlem
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Jokes | ✓ by once-upon-a-star
Jokes | ✓by katie baer
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The Fat Bitch Diet by arkhanbooks
The Fat Bitch Dietby arkhanbooks
"I don't think he's a member; he must be the new personal trainer." Bursting with humor and emotion, The Fat Bitch Diet tells the light-hearted story of a hea...
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The Scars Behind The Closed Doors: A BTS Mafia AU by ten-the-gay
The Scars Behind The Closed ten-the-gay
SeokJin Kim- 26// Undercover Queen of Mafia Kim// Husband of Namjoon Namjoon Kim- 28// Undercover Mafia King// Husband of SeokJin Yoongi Min- 25// Namjoon best friend...
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Pick Up lines  by icecreamlovebrownies
Pick Up lines by Lilly❣️
Some pick up lines that'll make you laugh :) Disclaimer: I did not make all of these. Highest Rank: |#14 in jokes 03.08.18| |#86 in humor 27.05.17|
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We Saved Each Other by Ashley22j
We Saved Each Otherby Ashley J
"Everyone has their own bubble. They get wrapped up in their own lives, tangling certain people up with them in their maybe perfect life. Or maybe their not-so-perf...
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Random funny stuff (anime) by vlessed
Random funny stuff (anime)by -
Anime jokes and pics!!! Read all u want!!! Oh and also some non-anime stuff... Includes funny videos and pics! Enjoy!! XD
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Percy Jackson Jokes [ COMPLETED ] by scrrys
Percy Jackson Jokes [ COMPLETED ]by eccedentesiast
☆ first part of percy jackson jokes !! ☆ not all jokes are mine !! ☆ rankings; 》category: #17 on random 》hashtags; #1 on pjo | #1 on hoo #1 on joke | #6 on jokes
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How To Be Sarcastic ✓ by stardustingstudio
How To Be Sarcastic ✓by ˗ˏˋalice in wonderlandˎˊ˗
❝Oh I'm sorry, did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?❞ Just a couple conversations for shits and giggles between four idiotic beings on how to b...
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Dad Jokes by ilikepetewentz
Dad Jokesby Chelsea Spatara
I'm not an actual dad... But Incase you're wondering, I am most certainly a meme.
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Fierce Love by The_fantastic_duo
Fierce Loveby The Fantastic Duo
Previously called, "The Fighter and the Bad boy" In a world where the wealthy lead and the poor struggle to fend for themselves, but is everything how it appea...
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The Demigod Book of Demigodish Jokes (TDBoDJ) *UNDER EDITS* by the_akward_fangirl
The Demigod Book of Demigodish the_akward_fangirl
Welcome fellow demigods to the book of jokes about demigods, headcanons, pictures, and stuff about our favorite author... E.B. WHITE!!! Maybe it was Rich Rioran.... *COM...
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IZ*ONE JOKES by junguwu-
IZ*ONE JOKESby wunderschön
inside jokes of iz*one ©not all jokes are mine. credit to owner p/s: do send me your iz*one jokes so that I can insert it here and let all wizard- I mean wizone enjoy it...
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Who am I texting? by Tattoo_Heart
Who am I texting?by Kavinsky🌹
[COMPLETE] A story of a girl who had a massive crush on a heartthrob high school rock band leader Kyle Hogan. Her life turn upside down when she received a text from an...
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Stranger Things Memes | ✔️ by _ShippersFanfics_
Stranger Things Memes | ✔️by ✔️ A Loser ✔️
Jokes and memes only stranger things fans would understand___________ #577 in Random 12/8/17
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