emo prep arranged marrage 16

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Chapter 16

" What?" Abii asked, her face full of shock.

" Do people even do those anymore?!" Skye's face was the same way, as she asked her question.

" Well, no, not really. But her parent's owe my parents something, and so yeah. I have to marry an emo

girl, while a I'm preppy, and hate emo people. It's really weird, and I hate my parents for it!" I shook my head.

" Buuuuuut...." Abii started, and I alreay knew them long enought that I knew that Skye would finish

the sentance for her.

" You're here for her."

" That counts for something."

" Yeah, but her friend Dayton is here with her. It's- I hate him..." I wanted to scream my lungs out at

Dayton, and his b*tch of a girlfriend.

" Because they love each other?" Both Skye and Abii asked at the same time.

" No!" I snapped. " They don't love each other! They're just friends!" Goddamnit! I said that way to fast!

That mean's I like her, or I'm jelous, and they both pretty much mean the same thing!!!

" No, no, no! You obviously never had a best friend that;s the opposite sex as you." I almost cracked up

when Skye said sex. And it's not because I'm immature! It's because the word just sounded weird coming out of

her mouth. She said it weird...

" Yeah," Abii agreed. " Because when a girl and a guy are best friends, like REALLY, really close, most

of the time they have a crush on each other.

" Whatever, man." I whispered, hoping it wasn't true.



" Excuse me?" Skye laughed, and so did Abii. " I am deffanetly not a man, thank you. I've got GIRL nads,

thank you!"

I laughed, too, and I told them to come look at Emilee's unmoving body with me, hoping they weren't some

rapists, or pedifiles.

Two weeks later

Skye laughed as I tickled her on the chair in the hospital room. " NO!" She yelled, squirming all over the place.

" Trayton, no! I'm about to pee my pants, quit it!"

I smiled, and let her go. I laughed my *ss off, as she ran into the bathroom, while unzipping her pants.

I sat on the chair, my attention now fully on Emilee. I scooted the chair oover to her, and put my chin on the

metal bars, surrounding the bed.

" Emilee... Please. Please wake up. I miss you so much, just please, wake up." A tear came into my eye.

I put my fourhead on the bars, and looked at the white tile.

Then, suddenly, the heart rate monitor was beeping like crazy. I looked up, and she was flat lining.

" SH*T!" I screamed. " F*ck, f*uck, f*ck! DOCTOR!!! DOC!!! COME HERE. NOW!!!" The doctor came running

in the room, with a couple of nurse's.

As soon as they came in, Skye came out of the bathroom, still gigling. Then, she saw doctors and nurse's

surrounding Emilee's bed.

" Oh... God..." She grabbed my arm. " Let's go. We aren't sopposed to be in here while they're doing this stuff."

She dragged me out of the room, and I fell to my knee's.

" OH, GOD, NO!" I cried. I put my hands through my hair, and rocked back and fourth.

Twenty minutes later, the doctors came out of the room. " She's alive, but still in the coma..."

I sat up, and ran into the room. " Emilee, please wake up! Please wake up!" And I cried. For the millionth time

today. I looked up and saw Skye crying.

" I don't know her," she said through quiet sobs. " But I'm crying anyways, because I feel like I know her."

" I know." I said, and she walked over to me, and I hugged her. " Let's go over to my house."

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