Emo prep arranged marrage Epilouge

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Emilee's P.O.V.

I walked into my room, and searched through the drawers to find things that Dayton had given me. There were all of the Nirvana shirts, the skinny jeans, and then the emo gloves. They were like regular gloves, except the fingers were cut off in the middle and the end of the gloves went about three inches past my wrist. Dayton got me those when he found out I cut myself and so they would cover up the scars.

Oh, God. I havn't cut myself in- in about three or four weeks. I looked down at my wrist and traced the scars. I remembered how good it felt to bring pain to myself. I walked over to my bed, lifted up the pillow, and brought out the raisor. I slowly brought the raisor to my wrist, and closed my eyes, tightly.

"NO!" I threw the raisor at the wall and held my wrist. I hadn't cut it. I ran into the bathroom, took out the box of raisors and threw them into the trashcan. I threw them all away, tied up the bag and opened my window. Underneath my window there was a garbage can that was always opened, just for this reason. I dropped the bag and it landed in the garbage can.

Then I put on the emo gloves, my favorite Nirvana shirt, and my favorite pair of sweat pants he got me. The shirt had a picture of Nirvana and said "Nirvana, the best" Then the sweat pants were a deep purple and had a white skull on them. I put my hand in the pocket and felt a paper inside. I took it out and Read "Look in your closet, in the shirt section" It was Daytons hand writing. So I ran to my closet, and searched through the shirt section. I soon found the Kurt Cobain shirt that I had wanted from Hot topic, but Dayton wouldn't let me get. I ripped off my shirt and quickly put that shirt on. Then I went downstairs, into the living room, and turned on the T.V.

The Fox 4 News was on, and it was talking about the strange invisible meteor that was taking place in The Belton Graveyard in Belton, Missouri. It showed a picture of the streaming light and two human figures in it. Dayton and his brother. I smiled.

Then I picked up the phone, dialed Skye's home phone number. Abii answered it and said "Hello, Daniels residence."


"O-M-total-G! Emilee! I havn't seen you since- since you were in that coma!!!"

"I know! I havn't seen you since- well, since like, a couple years or so? God, I've missed you!"

"I know, Emilee, I've missed you to! So much, actually."

"Yeah, well, is Skye here?" I asked quickly, because if I didn't Abbi would be talking forever and I wouldn't get the chance to ask.

"No, I think she went over to your house to see Trayton. Ooo-Lala!" We both laughed.

"Okay, well, I've got to go. See-ya later!" I hung up.

So, the deal with Trayton was sealed; I would not get married to Trayton.

Walking into my Mom's room, I knocked on the door. "Come in..." My mom said. I opened the door, closed it, and went to sit on the bed by mom, who was looking at a pile of recipts. "Oh, hi Emilee." She said, then Smiled.

"Hi mom."

"What is it, Emilee?" She asked, putting down a recipt and looking concerned.

"Mom. I want you to know something." I took her hands, and scooted closer to her.

"Emilee? What is it? Are you on drugs again?" I shook my head, no. "Then what is it?"

"Mom. I will not ever marry Trayton."


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