emo prep arranged marrage 2

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Chapter 2

" Now, go on. Show him up to your room." Mom smiled as I put away the cheeto's,

and walked up the stairs, with Trayton following me.

Now, I didn't like him at all! He was ok at first but now, I wanted to punch the living sh*t

out of him!

" Come on!" I yelled at him.

I showed him up the stairs. "There's the bathroom that you use." I told him. And then I

walked on.

" Question." he said, stopping. He sounded like he was royal.

" All I showed you was the bathroom, and you already have a question?!" I yelled. " What

is it?" I rolled my eyes, impatiently. I was getting sick of him, and I just met him. Arghhhh...

" Where do you go to the bathroom?" He asked a certain sound of curiosity in his voice.

" In the bathroom in my room." I said, then walked on. I didn't har im walking, so I turned

around and glared at him. " What is it now?"

" Why can't I go to the bathroom in your room?"

" Because. It's in my room and it's my bathroom." I said, and started walking again. He

followed me this time.

" This is my room." I pushed open my door, and my room was exposed.

" Wow! This is amazing!" Trayton said, and jumped onto my bed.

I let out a squeek, that was meant to be a gasp. " No!" I scrame! " No! You don't just come

into somebodies room and jump on their bed without permission!" By the time I said this, he was already

laying down with his arms under my pillow.

" Oh.. I'm sorry." He got up, but something stopped him and his jaw dropped in absolute terror.

Oh, God no... Don't tell me he cut himself on my rasor blade!

Whenever I got depressed, I would cut myself For some reason... I know it was wrong, but it

was addicting.

Flashback to 6th grade

I sat on the toilet in the girls bathroom crying. A guy I really like had just embarrased me in front

of the whole school.

I heard someone come in the bathroom, but I paid no attention to it. That person knocked on the

stall door. " Emilee..." I heard someone say.

" Go away!" I cried.

" I have something that will help you."

" What is it?" I asked, as I stopped crying and listened. I got off the toilet and opened the stall door.

" I can help." She said again. "What happened to you?"

" I was at my loocker, and Travis Whitly pulled down my pants..." I started crying all over again.

" Are you depressed?" She asked, as if she were a detective. I nodded

She came in the stall with me a reached into her pocket. She pulled out a small rasor blade. " Give

me your arm." I held out my arm. " And quit crying!" I immediantly stopped, for I was terrified of her.

She put the rasor blade to my wrist. Applying a little preasure to it, it made a cut.

" OW!" I yelled, and jerked my hand away from her.

But, she snatched it back, and cut a little bit deeper into my wrist, but this time she sent the rasor

straight across my wrist.

I started crying. It hurt like Hell! Blood gushed out, and I almost fainted. But the girl quickly covered

up the cut with gauze(?).

Using medical tape, she taped it onto my wrist.

" Don't tell..." I nodded.

I was 11, and in 6th grade.

*Out of flashback*

Trayton got up, from my bed, clutching his arm. You like slipknkot?!" He scrame, running over to my

Slipknot poster. " EW!!!"

Oh, great. A freakin' prep. Could my life get any worse?!

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