Saviour of a Different Kind | ✓ [EDITING] by thenightcourt
Saviour of a Different Kind | ✓ [E...by Adelle
❝Depression is like a war; you either win or you die trying.❞ Sixteen-year-old Lacey Lawless wants to die. The bullying has gone on for too long, and it's getting harder...
  • depression
  • boy
  • love
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Hospitalised lovers- Ereri by Ereri-love
Hospitalised lovers- Ereriby Violet Mustang
Levi has cancer. One day he gets a new room mate in the hospital called eren, they become good friends. When eren is discharged from the hospital there relationship con...
  • dying
  • riren
  • ereri
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Anyone's Help by onceuponatime992
Anyone's Helpby onceuponatime992
*TRIGGER WARNING!* Regina is trying to keep the sheriff and the town under control. The stress pulls her back into her childhood eating disorder. Will anyone notice and...
  • zero
  • dying
  • reginamills
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Heartbreak Story | NJS by RafahS1996
Heartbreak Story | NJSby Rafah S.
"But.. Do you still love me?" "Of course. I told you I will always love you no matter what" "Even after 10 years?" "Always" she s...
  • nathan
  • maxgeorge
  • dying
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Aurelia [h.s.] by StylisticMoods
Aurelia [h.s.]by Flora
"Aren't you afraid?" "Of what? Dying?" "Yes, exactly that." She took a moment to deliberately pick the right words in her mind because she...
  • wattys2017
  • fanfiction
  • contemporaryromance
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Ignoration of His Flirtation(BoyxBoy) by F1oridaLov3r
Ignoration of His Flirtation(BoyxB...by Mika
"Leo, pinned me against the wall with his hips. His hands, were gently gripping my wrists, keeping my arms above my head, against the cool brick behind me. His bea...
  • boyxboy
  • teenagers
  • lovestory
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C U R E by seaweedismine
C U R Eby Dagat
After failing many medications to save her life, Enna moves with her rogue werewolf family to Europe, traveling inside strong packs is no risk for them just so they can...
  • love
  • drama
  • wolves
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The Dying Girl ✔ {Slowly Editing} by SensationalRoses
The Dying Girl ✔ {Slowly Editing}by SensationalRoses
"How could you say such a thing?" He asks. "When you have lost everything, including hope; Life becomes a disgrace and death a duty."
  • adventure
  • dying
  • hope
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My Dying Wish-Jerika by soccersaves1
My Dying Wish-Jerikaby Lauren
What if you had a disease with no money for a cure. You had one wish before you died. What would it be? This is the story of mine. Cover by: drakexcurryxjerika
  • makeawish
  • paris
  • dying
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McHanzo One-shots by Serana_Laufeyson
McHanzo One-shotsby Serana_Laufeyson
Here I write about the lovely, cowboy and assassin duo. I'm open to any suggestions, I'd love to do them. I'll try to post every week, some one-shot will be longer than...
  • fluff
  • cute
  • blackwatch
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The Black Knight Princess by Tiger05star
The Black Knight Princessby Commander
A long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long time ago before Fairy Tail was founded, before Mavis was born, and even before Zeref himself was born lived...
  • dying
  • motivation
  • lucifer
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Dying Spirit (balto x reader) by Wafflelicious212
Dying Spirit (balto x reader)by Wafflelicious212
you are a lone wolfdog that wanders the icy streets of Nome, Alaska. you are (y/n) but the townsfolk can you the savior you have an untamed wild spirit. you wouldn't eve...
  • reader
  • dying
  • savior
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Seven Moscow Winters by lepus_leporis
Seven Moscow Wintersby potato pierogi
The story of a few spies, an undeclared war, an illicit romance, a dog, a candle, a cheese danish, two countries, half a dozen cities, and a bullet directly between the...
  • unitedstates
  • love
  • spies
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RECREATE | 1 by whippedcreaming
RECREATE | 1by - ̗̀ MICHAELA ̖́-
I MUST BECOME A LION-HEARTED GIRL READY TO FIGHT - IN WHICH Eva Grace Peyton goes to one of the most prestigious spy schools in the world and finds out more secrets abou...
  • teen
  • murder
  • wattys2018
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•Hanahaki• ~j.hs x m.yg~ by bubbliesope
•Hanahaki• ~j.hs x m.yg~by 🌵B r o o k e🌵
Hoseok and Yoongi are best friends but Hoseok feels something more, What a shame Yoongi loves Jimin. •Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the...
  • hanahaki
  • angst
  • hanahakidiesease
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You Bury Me by killerpixxie
You Bury Meby Tomato soup
Allison is young, loving and not ready to find out the truth of her cancer. She's given a letter that will tell her whether she will live into old age or die tomorrow. W...
  • chicklit
  • teenfiction
  • romance
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Ժօղե Ӏҽե ցօ by bittersweetlou
Ժօղե Ӏҽե ցօby bittersweetlou
Trailer: https://youtu.be/3sMDLWRY2pE Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles had been best friends since kindergarten. The pair was inseparable. At age fifteen, they became mo...
  • depression
  • disability
  • 1d
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The GangLeader's Girl by XoILoveYouoX
The GangLeader's Girlby XoILoveYouoX
Nicholas James Black is the 20 year old gang leader. He is secretive, sexy and extremely smart. He doesn't care about what people think about him, until he literally bum...
  • wattys2018
  • boy
  • bad
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s h a t t e r e d by thelovelyviolet
s h a t t e r e dby ♡♡♡
words from a broken girl.
  • lostlove
  • dead
  • cutting
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Baldi's Basics Oneshots by SpaceBarr
Baldi's Basics Oneshotsby Space Kitty
Note: Oof-- I'm dying ;-; Also sorry if the stories SUCKKKK
  • baldixreader
  • pricipalofthething
  • playtime
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