My Sweet Prince [GumLee Mpreg] by Thatonefnaflover
My Sweet Prince [GumLee Mpreg]by Parental Unit
[WARNING: Mpreg. Don't like? DON'T READ.] *This is an Adventure time gender-swap story about Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee, (Gumlee.)* Marshall has always been a tro...
  • fanfiction
  • kingdom
  • dying
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When My Shift Ends | ✓ by iwearheelys
When My Shift Ends | ✓by brit
When former beauty pageant queen, Ellie Wilde, hears of her grandmother's sickness, she's the first to offer to drive her to her chemotherapy. What she didn't know she w...
  • teenfiction
  • friendship
  • teens
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Heal // z.m by mindofjohanna
Heal // z.mby 🌿
Where Rose's internship leads to bonding with a sick guy, loving and things she didn't expect or didn't want to expect... • All rights reserved. Do not steal.
  • loving
  • hospital
  • grieving
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The Faded Summer Love by EricaFire2018
The Faded Summer Loveby Erica Fire
Highest rank #3 OriginalStory 09/19/18 Allison and Devin were two childhood friends and teenage sweethearts who met one fine but short summer. They end up in marriage wh...
  • sickness
  • cure
  • adultfiction
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Saviour of a Different Kind | ✓ [EDITING] by adellewoods
Saviour of a Different Kind | ✓ [E...by Adelle
❝Depression is like a war; you either win or you die trying.❞ Sixteen-year-old Lacey Lawless wants to die. The bullying has gone on for too long, and it's getting harder...
  • depression
  • selfharm
  • suicide
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Cursed Sky-Katekyo Hitman Reborn 《COMPLETED》 by mintgreyashes
Cursed Sky-Katekyo Hitman Reborn 《...by ☆Liz☆
After the arcobaleno curse was broken,all had seemed well.Tsuna didn't think that he would have been chosen to be the new holder of the sky pacifier.Fated by a prophecy...
  • tsuna
  • cursedsky
  • cooltsuna
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My End Is Near - Naruto Fanfic by yanderetokisaki
My End Is Near - Naruto Fanficby Yan The Author
Naruto is dying, he has always been since he was six years old. As the years goes, the worser he gets. His disease is starting to show serious symptoms and Naruto is get...
  • fanfiction
  • sasunaru
  • dying
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Last Moments | HUAZE LEI by smolmochi7
Last Moments | HUAZE LEIby Exai
Liu Mei is Huaze Lei's childhood best friend, she grew up with him and the rest of F4 including Jing, Mae is known for her talent in music and her kind and happy persona...
  • meteorgarden
  • ximen
  • dylanwang
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Damaged (A Malec fanfiction) by Shattered-Wings
Damaged (A Malec fanfiction)by ° Rai °
(proceed with caution, I don't like this story. If you do, go ahead) A Malec fanfiction, This takes place after City of lost Souls. Alexander Lightwood comes back home...
  • sebastian
  • clary
  • broken
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New Perspective || A Sakura Story  by Weird-Fics-InGeneral
New Perspective || A Sakura Story by Weird-Fics-InGeneral
Dying is weird. Most would think they'd fall asleep and poof! They're where they're supposed to go. Heaven, Hell or Nirvana or something. Others don't know what will ha...
  • kakashi
  • wattys2018
  • dying
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C U R E by seaweedismine
C U R Eby Anna
After failing many medications to save her life, Enna moves with her rogue werewolf family to Europe, traveling inside strong packs is no risk for them just so they can...
  • dying
  • clan
  • drama
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Rejected and dying  by RealPrincessPeach
Rejected and dying by Trash
This story is not like others. Rachael has been rejected by her mate, Ashton but she is special and with being special has its downsides. If she was to be rejected she w...
  • regret
  • dying
  • rejected
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The Boy With A Touch Of Cancer(BoyxBoy) by CapeLov3r
The Boy With A Touch Of Cancer(Boy...by Mikey
Amazing cover made by @Skyrockette "Leo, pinned me against the wall with his hips. His hands, were gently gripping my wrists, keeping my arms above my head, against...
  • love
  • cancer
  • lbgt
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Blue Lips  |  Jared Cameron by -actuallykai
Blue Lips | Jared Cameronby ✨ oh my stars!✨
everything happens for a reason.
  • cysticfibrosis
  • dying
  • reason
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Dying Spirit (balto x reader) by Wafflelicious212
Dying Spirit (balto x reader)by Wafflelicious212
you are a lone wolfdog that wanders the icy streets of Nome, Alaska. you are (y/n) but the townsfolk can you the savior you have an untamed wild spirit. you wouldn't eve...
  • dying
  • romance
  • xreader
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When You Decided  by Gabssss10
When You Decided by Gabby Saal
I understand what you are going through. You might think that this pain is everlasting, but darling one day you will see that every little thing is meant to be.
  • life
  • discovery
  • afraid
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Hospitalised lovers- Ereri by Ereri-love
Hospitalised lovers- Ereriby Violet Mustang
Levi has cancer. One day he gets a new room mate in the hospital called eren, they become good friends. When eren is discharged from the hospital there relationship con...
  • love
  • illness
  • yaoi
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The Black Knight Princess by Tiger05star
The Black Knight Princessby t_money_in_the_house
A long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long time ago before Fairy Tail was founded, before Mavis was born, and even before Zeref himself was born lived...
  • understand
  • rolu
  • motivation
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Aurelia [h.s.] by StylisticMoods
Aurelia [h.s.]by Flora
"Aren't you afraid?" "Of what? Dying?" "Yes, exactly that." She took a moment to deliberately pick the right words in her mind because she...
  • travel
  • styles
  • contemporaryromance
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PSYCHO by AmaalHamdilah
PSYCHOby aml.etc
PSYCHO- Bukan Kerana Cinta "Do i have to marry him dad?!" "Yes honey! Kalau tak syarikat abah akan bankrupt and theres no place to live" Kata Dato Ef...
  • romance
  • adult
  • marriage
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