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Chapter 22

In Dayton's P.O.V.

I had lied to Emilee, hoping she would hate my guts now. But, knowing her, she probly didn't. Emilee

wasn't the one to hold grudges. But-

Wait. She had said she was raped! By Tyler! God, I'm going to fucking kill him! My grip tightened on

the steering wheel. I shut my eyes tighly, and then realised that I was driving. Stupid me! I opened my eyes to

see a deer, right in front of the road.

I pushed on the break, hoping it would stop so I wouldn't hit the poor deer. Oh, God, what if I di-

I crashed, then let the blackness fade over me.


I woke, screaming. I was in my bed. Mom came in the room, and, surprise, surprise, she wasn't drunk!

"Emilee called," She began. "She sounded very angry with you, and I know she was, 'cuz when I answered

the phone, she scram: You Asshole! I was suprised, but she said for you to call her." Mom took one last glance of

me, then walked out of the room.

So I had already been to the hospital! I guess I had a fine ride home... But that was such a terrible dream!

"Wait..." I whispered to myself. "What if I do die?" I immediantly grabbed a peice of paper, a pen, and

started writing.

Emilee's P.O.V.

I rolled over, and looked at the T.V., that was turned on to Fox 4, (AKA the news) and saw what time it was.

Eleven fifty-seven. YESSSS! I get out of this stupid hospital in 3 minutes! Oh, yeah!

I smiled, and sat up. Going into the bathroom, I grabbed the bag of clothes that my mom got me. I looked

at the clothes inside of the bag. There was a black Nirvana shirt, some skinny jeans, and a pair of flip-flops.

After putting the clothes on, I felt comfie and relaxed. I smiled, seeing that the time was exactly twelve o'clock.

Right as I jumped up, the nurse, (who's name was Shelly) walked in. She smiled at me. "Glad to see yo feelin'

betta, missus Emilee! It's time fo you ta go home, girl." She hugged me, and went back into the hall. "You'll be needin'

to sit in this until you get to yo car. I''l roll you there." Shelly rolled in a Wheelchair, and smiled at me as she saw my face.

She rolled me out of the room. We were waiting for the elevator, when I saw doctors and nurses around a gurney.

A nurse moved, running to get something, I guess, and I saw the face of the man. It looked almost exactly like

Dayton, though there were so many scars on this man's face. I almost felt bad for him, for he probly won't be able to get

any more girls on account of his face.

"Who is that?" I said, as I got out of the wheelchair. I walked over to the gurney.

"Ma'am. Step away. We can't tell you who this is, I'm sorry, but it's the rules." The doctor said, and ran, trying

to keep up with the nurses.

Finally the elevator opened, and I sat back down on the chair, feeling how hard it was. Down all the floors, the door

opened, and I saw mom waiting with a boquet of yellow lillies, my favorite flower. She ran over, squeeling, and hugged me

with all of her might.

Soon enogh, we were in the car.

And I was home, in my bed, watching Fox 4 News.

And Dayton was on there.


srry its not that long. but i have MAPs this week, and next, so I might not b able to rite alot. And if u dpnt no wat MAPs is, its this test u take if u live in a certain state. BUT, (DUNDUNDUN!) wat do u think happened 2 Dayton?! He was on the news! y do u guys think he was? i will try 2 upload 2morrow, but i mite not b able 2, n if i cant, then srry! ):

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