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Plastic Face (Shizaya fanfic WARNING! YAOI! DON'T LIKE? DON'T READ!) by GlinteHjelm
Plastic Face (Shizaya fanfic WARNI...by GlinteHjelm
Shizaya!Raira School Days Izaya begins to question if he looks as good as other people says, and becomes dissatisfied fast. Suddenly gaining the desire for a new face an...
  • desiretobethin
  • shizaya
  • kishitani
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Kidnapped by Mad_Maid
Kidnappedby Mad_Maid
What would you do when you are walking home at night and you turn around and you see someone behind you? What would you do if he kidnapped you and your friends? What if...
  • horror
  • fighting
  • betrayal
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Nameless by AnonymouslyUnknown27
Namelessby Bia
where a girl falls in love with control but loses it along the way
  • triggerwarning
  • tears
  • sad
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I'm sorry  by ChileanRachel
I'm sorry by ChileanRach
THREE YEARS AFTER THE FOURTH SHINOBI WORLD WAR What will Sasuke do when he sees Naruto fall apart in front of him? Or... Naruto does something extreme and dangerous but...
  • yaoi
  • sasuke
  • naruto
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I tried to kill myself..A vampire saved me...I didn't want to be saved by twilightkk
I tried to kill myself..A vampire...by Kyrra
  • healer
  • issabel
  • goddess
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Life by disney4evar
Lifeby Princess
  • karate
  • puking
  • love
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Zayn - My One And Only by emmastyleshoran
Zayn - My One And Onlyby Emma Horsman
After being in a nasty split with your ex Alex, you deside it's time to get back out there but little did you know that a simple walk in the part, and a trip to your fri...
  • caring
  • nasty
  • grinding
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Why Pablo Pukes by iAintRhonda
Why Pablo Pukesby Pablo The Puking Princess
This is Pablo's life story. He ain't Rhonda.
  • romance
  • rhonda
  • life
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A Magical Life by xXAWeasleyForeverXx
A Magical Lifeby Allison Weasley
I just came home to my new home at Hogwarts. My friends are Ellie and Hermione, and my boyfriend is Harry. And of course, the twins are here with us. Find out magical ad...
  • hermione
  • george
  • kicking
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Never Ever. by TheeWannaBe
Never Ever.by TheeWannaBe
Avery is your average girl but when she hooks up with a guy named Derek at a party after a rock concert the summer before her junior year her whole world is turned upsid...
  • cheating
  • chemistry
  • stand
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Now Drink Up by plooopy
Now Drink Upby Ein
Barry comes home drunk, from a party late at night; so Danny has to take care of him.
  • gamegrumps
  • barrykramer
  • dannysexbang
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Mario crew by pwacun
Mario crewby pwacun
I'm not really a writer so this is just for fun if it's something I actually do continually it'll probably be a bunch of Mario one shots based around my silly drawings h...
  • rosalina
  • cutting
  • possibly
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The Emo, Or The Prep? *emo prep arranged marriage*  by alexis_rene
The Emo, Or The Prep? *emo prep ar...by Alexis Long
The Emo Or The Prep? *Emo Prep Arranged Marriage* Emilee Morganstern has a good life. She has a big crush on her best friend, Dayton Robertson. The crush falls down w...
  • twins
  • sweet
  • happieness
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Blessed. by EddyElemental
Blessed.by EddyElemental
  • rainbows
  • bacon
  • save
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A bad case of food poisoning by niallbrendonseanmark
A bad case of food poisoningby Rebecca Alice.
There is vomit in this story. If you don't like that, don't read. Jack gets food poisoning from some food and is too ill to make videos. (I do have to say, in the story...
  • throwingup
  • barfing
  • vomiting
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