emo prep arranged marrage

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Chapter 1

Emilee's point of view

I rolled around in my bed, Wondering why I could see light shinning through my eyes.

I rolled over on my stomach and put the pillow over my head. " Mahhhhh....." I groaned.

" Oh... Emilee get up, would ya? I've got some good news!" My mom said in a joyful

voice. I looked up, seeing my mother, pulling the pillow from my head. I saw her pulling open

my curtains.

" C'mon, Emilee. Wake up, Baby. We will have a visitor later today. At two o'clock.

It's already twelve thirty, so come on, Hun, get up" I rolled over and looked at the white, blank


Rubbing my eyes, I got out of bed and put on my fluffy, purple slippers. I went into the

bathroom and brushed my teeth and my hair. I went into my walk-in closet, picked out my outfit

for the mysterious company we would be having later.

I picked a purple tank top and a pair of black skinny jeans.

Shirt: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/img-thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=8253475

Pants: http://media.photobucket.com/image/black%20skinny%20jeans/iansaintlaurent/MensCraftedBlackSkinnyZipJeans.jpg

After I picked out the clothes, I turned on the fossit and took a bath in the huge bathtub

my parents built in my room. After I was done, I layed on my bed, resting my eyes.I turned on

my ipod and listened to Fake It by Seether. The next song came on, and scared the freaking

crap outof me, since the volume was turned up all the way. It was psychosocial by Slipknot.

I jumped out of my bed when the song came on andat the same time, mom was

screaming at me to come downstairs. The guests would be here any minute.

I was about to walk downstairs when I realized that all I was wearing was a black robe.

I ran back into my room, put on the clothes and went into the bathroom. Looking in

the mirrior, I saw how bad I looked. I had blonde hair, cuz i died it. I

quickly straightened it to make it look good. My eyes were brown and my lips were thin, which

I really hate, by the way, because everyone made fun of me.

I smeared lip gloss on my lips and eyeshadow of my eyelids, and eyeliner on my eyes.

I walked downstairs.

I looked around.

" Are they even here, Mom?" I yelled down the staircase.

" Honey, don't yell in the house! Come into the kitchen." She said.

" Thanks for not answering my question." I whispered in a sarcastic tone.

I walked down the stairs, counting the steps as I walked on them. One, Two, Three, Four, Five,

Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen...

It tuned out that there were 36 steps. Wow. A workout for me everyday! I smiled to myself.

I turned and walked into the kitchen. I opened a cabinet, looking for something to eat. I

shruged and picked up a bag of flamin' hot cheeto's. They weren't my favorite, but I'd eat them from

time to time.

Turning, I felt my eyes go wide. There was a boy, about my age, standing by the dinning

room table. His hair was black and his eyes were a light blue color. He was really tan, which topped

the whole thing off.

" Hey." He said.

" I think you may have the wrong house," I said, because I was shocked that a hott guy

was at my house " Stacey Freeburg's house is right down the road."

" Oh..." He laughed. His voice was sexy, it was rough. " No, I'm here because my parents

sent me here."

Oh... That figures... I thought. I was hoping he would say something like, ' No, I was here to

see you...' But, he didn't.

" Honey, this is Trayton, the guest that I was telling you about." Mom said, and I could tell

that she was smiling, even though I didn't even look at her.

" Hm. Nice to meet you Trayton." I nodded to him.

" The pleasure's all mine...." He said, in a confused voice.

" Emilee."

" Ahhh.... Nice name." He nodded, searching for something to talk about.

" Thanks."

Mom noticed the silence between us. " Honey, there's big news!" She said, in an

excited voice.

" You're pregnant? Serously mom! You're 41 years old! You still can't be

having babies when I'm seventeen. It's weird.

" Uh.... No, no. " She shook her head and blinked twice. " You see, the reason that

Trayton is over here is because I owe his parents a favor... from something that I regret... And

anyways, his parents wanted some time alone, and so, he's going to stay over here for a while."

" Oh... we can pull out the fouton bed slash couch. It'll be all good." I gave him a thumbs

up, and resumed eating the cheeto's.

" No.. You have it all wrong dear. He- well, he's going to be sleeping in your bed."

" No. No, he is not! I always sleep in my bed, and I'm not giving it to any stranger!" I yelled!

" Once again, you have it wrong. You will be sleeping in the bed with him."


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