Emo prep arranged marrage 30

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Chapter 30

Dayton's P.O.V.

I floated to Emilee's room, hoping that she was ready to go see my mom. I really didn't think that Emilee's plan was as easy as it sounded. I mean, my mom wouldn't just let Emilee take her to Rehab. Well, she wouldn't, right? Even if my mom did see me, she would commit herself and get Emilee's mom to commit her.

"Emilee?" I asked through the door.

"Yeah?" She opened the door and I saw that she was wearing a yellow sundress, with yellow flip-flops, and her hair was in a pony-tail.

"Whoa. What happened to Emo Emilee?" I asked, remembering the nickname I had given her when I first saw her.

"Oh, shut up, Day! You don't think I look nice? Well, fine." She said, acting hurt.

"You look fine, now lets go." I sighed, wraped my arm around Emilee's waist, and we went outside. We had decided that Trayton shouldn't go because my mom didn't like him very much after the rumors spread about my dead little brother.

Emilee started the car and we drove to my mom's house. After we were there, Emilee said to dissapear and to re-appear when she told me to. I followed Emilee up the stairs to my house, still invisable. She knocked on the door, and a couple minutes later, my mom was there, shit-faced and high as a kite.

"Emilee? Come in!" Oh, I guess she wasn't as shit-faced as I thought.

Emilee walked inside and then the door was closed right on my face. How rude, man! I mean ser- O wait. I'm dead. They can't see me! Man, I had to get used to that. I shook my head and walked through the door. They were already sitting down on the yellow couch in my living room. My siblings were cleaning the house by picking up the toys, cleaning the dishes, and dusting. I smiled at my sister, Febee, who was dusting the pictures that were on top of the media center. And then she looked at me. Her eyes went wide as saucers, and she dropped the picture of me. Mom looked at the broken picture, then she looked at Febee. "Goddamn you, Febee! Do you have no respect for your brother at all?! Go to your fucking room!" Febee started to cry as she went to her room. Mom picked up the picture, and looked at Emilee. "Oh, I'm sorry Emilee."

"It's fine Carolyn, but we need to talk." My mothers smile faltered, as Emilee spoke.

"Kids, go to your rooms." After they left, mom sat down in the chair that was beside Emilee's. "What about?"



"Carolyn, he's alive." Emilee admitted.

"No. No, He's not. I saw his dead body. It was definately him." Mom said, nodding her head.

"Carolyn. Who are you trying to convince, me, or yourself? And, he did die, but he's a ghost." Emilee revealed.

"Well, if he's a ghost, show him to me."

"Okay, Dayton. It's your time to come out." Emilee whispered to me.

And I was just about to, when I fell down, and everything went black.

Emilee's P.O.V.

"Okay, Dayton. It's your time to come out." I whispered

I waited a couple seconds before I said: "Dayton! Come out!" Both Carolyn and I looked around. "Dayton!"

The phone rang a couple seconds later, making a loud, shrill sound. "Um.. You'll have to excuse me, I need to get that," Carolyn stated before goig into the other room to get the phone. I heard her talking and saying: Oh yes, Joyce. She's over here, could you pick her up? I think she might be a little sick." Oh, crap. My mom's name was Joyce!

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