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Chapter 10

In Emilee's P.O.V.

I ran outside, slamming the door behind me. I noticed that I only had on my green and black bra, and of

course, everything else that didn't include my shirt.

I angrily opened the door to Dayton's car and got in. Once again, I slammed the door. Putting the key in

the ignition, I heard Dayton come out of the house. I smiled.

Then I saw Trayton come out of the house. I frowned.

And then I realized that both of their names rhymed... My Trayton and my Dayton. I smiled at the thought.

And THEN I realized that I called them MY dayton and MY trayton. They're not freakin' mine! I yelled in my

mind and mentally slapped myself.

I tear droped out of my eye and fell onto my cheek. Ugh. He probly only was going to say that he loved me

just to get into my pants. Another tear came out.

I looked up at Dayton and saw him. He had hurt in his eyes, as if he was hurt that I was just making out

with Trayton with my goddamn shirt off.

Psh! Yeah right! He is in a very good relationship right now. He had been going out with Janice Crowely

since 6th grade, two years ago, and the day he befriended me. It was also the day that Mr.The-guy-I-liked pulled my

pants down.

I had a crush on Dayton then, until last year. But then he told me that he loved Janice, and I gave up all hope.

Another tear fell onto my cheek as I remembered that day...


Dayton had asked me to go over to his house that day, and I had said yes, of course. I had a great plan. I was

to ask him out right as I was leaving. I smiled and knocked on Dayton's door.

He opened it, and let me in. His house was small, because his family was so poor. I felt bad b/c I had a great

big house...

" C'mon into my room." He said, as we both stepped over news papers, hampers (laundry baskets), and plates

of food, swarming with flies.

We walked into his room, and Dayton told his 2 little brothers and 3 little sisters to go play in the kitchen, since

their mom was passed out drunk in the living room.

We sat down on the bed. " I have something to tell you."

My eyes widened and my heart felt as it jumped out of my chest. " Really?! Me too!"

" Okay. You go first." He said.

" No, you go first.." I said.

" Okay, I will." His smile widened and he took my hand. We must have been feeling the same way about each other!

" Kay... Y'know, I think I'm starting to love Janice..."

It felt as if I had died and went to hell. As if my world crumbled down to the ground because I did something wrong.

As if I were going to die...

" Why.... What's so great about her...?" Why don't you like me?! Do you even consider me as being your girlfriend?!

Many questions raced through my mind.

You know when you're about to cry, and your eyes get all dry, and your nose feels all weird, then you start to cry? Well,

that's what happened to me, except I didn't cry.

" Well," Dayton started. " She's beautiful, and she respects me, and loves me for who I am... And She would never cheat

on me... Plus, well, I don't know how to explain it..."

" Well, try. Why do you REALLY love her?" I asked, begging for more, even if it hurt to know.

" Well, the other night, when you and I were supposed to go to the movies, ya know?" I nodded. "Well, we made love, and-"

I cut off choking. " You- you made love? You- you mean sex right?!" I was seroualy about to cry.

" Well, yeah, sex, what else would be making love?" He laughed. " Whatever. That night, we layed there after, ya know,

doing it. And she was so beautiful, Emilee. Her skin was so soft and he hair was so silky and-"

" Don't get into the horny details, Dayton." I said in a soft voice.

I stood up and opened the door.

" Hey, where are you going? I thought I could tell you anything." He sounded weird.

" Well, Dayton, I told you that, long ago." And you can't freakin be in love, your 14! I wanted to scream it outloud.

" And, frankly, I don't give a shit about your sex life!" After that, I ran out the door, slaming it behind me.

That was when I gave up all hope of ever being with him.


Shocker aint it? n i no it has sum more cuss words than usual... but i felt like it needed it. hope u enjoyed it... srry that it so short... but I really didn't have time b/c I'm going over to my grandma's right noe, and I cant bring my laptop over cuz my parents say that its disrespectful... mmehh... watever! lol. ill try 2 puload soon, but i'm not sure if i can so fast cuz its a skoool week... grrr... stupid school! lol..

o! i 4got sumthing! if ur thinkin that right now that emilee n dayton is 15, ur rong, cuz they both were born on august 26, n skool starts on the 23rd, so they had to wait another year untill they were 6. so ya, there 16! byebye! lol.

-alexis rene


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