emo prep arranged marrage 11

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Chapter 11

I shook my head, and came back into the present.

Trayton came up to me, whispering something to myself that sounded something like' overraction, and d*ickhead'.

" Um, Babe, lis-" Trayton started.

" Don't f*ucking call me that, B*itch!" I yelled at him. " How dare you! I was freakin' about to give in to you!" I

noticed I was crying even more.

" OKAY! DON'T SCREAM AT ME!!!!" Trayton yelled, catching me off guard. " Listen though! I'm so sorry! It's just-

It's just that I don't like Dayton! At all! I mean why would he do that?! The kid was just helpless and he was in his freakin

room smo-" Once again, I interupted him.

" WHAT are you talking about?!" When I said, 'What', I yelled it, but my voice got quieter as the sentance ended.

" He doesn't know what he's talking about, Emilee!" Dayton was almost in tears, which was quite shocking.

" Well, I should! I'm the one who saved-"


" Emilee, I need to ask you a question. What happened to your br-" Trayton looked as if he was getting annoyed

because people kept interupting him.

" Don't ask her that! Do you even know what today is?!" Dayton yelled.

Today was only the 4th of April, two weeks after I had met Trayton. What was so special about that?

" No, I don't know that! But, I should know what next Sunday is. And you should, too." Trayton told Dayton.

" Yeah, yoiu shold know all about that cuz-"

" Once again! BOTH OF YOU SHUT UP!!!" I said, in a firm voice, with my teeth clenched together. They were quiet.

" Now, one of you tell me what's going on! Trayton, you go first."

" What happened to your little brother?" Trayton asked me, in a voice I had never heard from him.

That was what today was... The Aniversary of my brothers death. I realized that I had stopped crying when The

boys had started arguing, but then the waterworks came back to me, and tears spilled over my eyes.

" He was playing with our dog, Buster..."

And I went back to that day...

Flashback to four years ago, april 4

I smiled at my brother Jamie, who was playing with our dog, Buster. He looked so cute with his overall's

on, and his hair was blowing in the wind, and his ceeks were flushed from the cold. Well, Jamie was throwing

Buster the ball. One time, he threw it across the road, on accident. Buster and Jamie, both, went to get the ball.

They got it, and I almost had a heart attack, because he went across the road, which was the highway. I

told him to never, ever do it again, and if it accidently happened, to tell me, and I would go get the ball.

After I told him that, he thought it would be funny to throw the ball across the road on purpose. He did it

many times, and then I got sick of running back and fourth across the road to get the ball. I told him we would go

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