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Happily (Niall Horan) by soulfulstiles
Happily (Niall Horan)by Lex💜
~You don't understand, you don't understand What you do to me when you hold his hand We were meant to be but a twist of fate Made it so you had to walk away 'Cause we're...
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Omega To Luna by EmoWereWolf101
Omega To Lunaby EmoWereWolf101
Werewolf love story. Not for younger kids.
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Penpals by gumwum
Penpalsby Less Is More
Avery writes to a convicted prisoner in juvy, Theo. What was originally a school task is now the only way two best friends communicate. But one day out of the blue Theo...
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When love begins with hate by saniahahaha
When love begins with hateby Sania Seraj
"You know you don't get to choose,you just fall in love and you get this person who is all wrong and right at the same time. And you know you love them so much exce...
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best friends ; phan by adventuretrinity
best friends ; phanby trinity
in which dan and phil are best friends, but dan wishes it was something more.
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Alpha Zachary by shaanaaf
Alpha Zacharyby Shanaaf
Meet aurora Adams : A 18 yr old shy , intelligent ,beautiful girl who lives in silver moon pack with her abusive parents , who always wished to have a mate...
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NEVER LET ME GO ✔️ (COMPLETED) by crazywriter1116
This is a story of Aashi Verma and Rishabh Khurana. The two of them were bffs since kindergarten. But their strong friendship is tested with time. Join the tale of frien...
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Confessions of a Bad Boy // Slowly Editing by rheaday97
Confessions of a Bad Boy // R H E A D A Y
As her senior year approaches, Allyson Craine finds herself unraveling from all aspects of her life. From the betrayal of her best friend, to the destruction of her safe...
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The Two Friends by emmarawrz_
The Two Friendsby Emma
This story is about two 15 year old girls who have been best friends since birth. This changes when their 16th birthdays come. See what happens next.
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His Help (BoyxBoy) by Falling_Snow
His Help (BoyxBoy)by King Tobias
Caspar Newman. The name that everybody loved and nobody knew about. Caspar, the always positive, star of the basketball team and the always stylish and funny boy of eve...
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Childhood Crush? ✔ by HephziLolami
Childhood Crush? ✔by Ayomipo
Highest ranking #245 in short story. Started: Jan 23 2018 Ended: April 14 2018 "What is your problem? I was only talking!" I shrieked in irritation. I was ful...
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My Bodyguard~ by Honey_Girl10
My Bodyguard~by Honey_Girl10
Bakudeku (ofc!) Bakugo x FEM!Deku Izumi is now moving with her grandparents that are barely home and running a big fashion design company and being in a very rough town...
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Friends Forever, huh?  by findingjuls
Friends Forever, huh? by findingjuls
A love letter to the populars, the awkwards, the depressed, the third wheels. Anyone reading this--this is for you. To everyone that feels unimportant, left out, or nev...
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GIFS Imagines with Tom Holland  by tomsdorkz
GIFS Imagines with Tom Holland by tomsdorkz
gif Tom Holland stories !!! 😉🥵🥰 #27 in gifs #505 in tomhollandimagines #51 in bffs #49 in bffs #35 in bffs #32 in bffs #23 in bffs #28 in bffs #14 in bffs #22 in bff...
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The Story of Mohammad & Aisha by elegance_w
The Story of Mohammad & Aishaby ObsessionZ♥
Two girls Aisha and Ammarah have been best friends from the start of kindergarten. Now beautiful and young they both start College, they both find love but both the girl...
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The New Girl And The Bad Boy  by forever_Jen_
The New Girl And The Bad Boy by forever_Jen_
Avery Hunter was a normal popular girl. She is loved by all of her friends and she is really pretty. But one day she has to drop everything and move to Portland to help...
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Typical Fuckboys by LuminousDolans
Typical Fuckboysby LuminousDolans
Haley and her best friend, Cristin, are the biggest nerds in the school. They decide that they finnaly had enough of being teased. They have a glow up over the summer. A...
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My Best Friends Boyfriend Is My Enemy by bcxoxo
My Best Friends Boyfriend Is My Bcxoxo
Alexa and her best friend Vanessa have been best friends forever since childhood . But now Vanessa has fallen for Alexa's enemy. Eric Rivers or how Alexa calls him &quo...
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... by purpleorchards
#19 purpleorchards
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STAY MINE // Harry Styles by alliewritesfiction
STAY MINE // Harry Stylesby Allie
[Third book of the MY GIRL Trilogy] Harry and Thea think they have escaped from the ghosts of their pasts and are ready to build a bright future together. But every endi...
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