emo prep arranged marrage 6

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Chapter 6

I cried in my room all night, and Mom didn't even bother to ask me what was wrong. Maybe she knew not

to bother me. I don't know, but then again, I really don't care.

In the morning, I woke up and Trayton was on the floor wraped in a blanket. Hmmm....

I walked downstairs, not in the mood to play a trick, because 1) I wasn't happy from what happened yester-

day and 2) it might get backfired. Making a waffel, I got the syrup bottle out of the pantry. I looked at it and growled.

What the hell... No freakin' sryup and Mom just bought some yesterday. Grrr....

I remembered what happened yesterday, with trayton. I walked back upstairs and went into my room. I went

up to Trayton and kicked him.

" OW!" He protested.

" You owe me some syrup!" I yelled at him.

" OKAY! I'll get it later." The he mumble something about me waking him up that that.

" I woke you up because I want you to get God damn syrup now! Get the hell up!" I stood there until he finaly

stood up. " Thank you." I said and ran downstairs.

Ten minutes later I was eating a cold waffel. Urgh....

I decided to take a shower and stuff. While warm steam surrounded me, I hoped into the shower.

Ah... the warmthness of the water-

There was a knock on the door. I narrowed my eyes.

"Who is it?" I yelled hoping they could hear me through the loud shower.

" It's Trayton."

" Well, I'm taking a shower, and you're not even supposed to be in here, so, shoo-shoo."

" C'mon!" He cried.

" What do you need?" I yelled again.

" A condom." He said, in a very serious voice.

" Oh. Uh-huh. Right. So f*ckin' funny." I mumbled to myself. " You can wait till I get out of the shower,


" Ugh."

I resumed on taking a shower. I washed my hair, with my extra special shampoo and conditioner.

Ahhh... I really wanted to go to the spa sometime soon...

I smiled at my joke. Like that was going to happen. Riiiiight. I shook my head, and rememered what

had happened at the spa 2 years ago, when I was 14.

Flashback to 2 years ago

I smiled because the guy that I had currently liked ( same guy that had pulled my pants down in front

of everybody,) was taking me to the spa. I couldn't stop grinning. He smiled and put his hand on top of mine.

He started laughing. I wondered what was so funny, but I thought it was best not to ask him.

" Ever been to this spa?" He asked.

" No... not until now, that is." I kinda laughed.

He rolled his eyes. I was starting to feel uncomfortable, because of what happened with him last year.

I looked down.

We were in the spa now.

" Hello. My name's Sherri. I'll be your assistant today. Come with me, Emilee." Sherri said.

" Um... How do you know my name...?" I asked, getting a little creeped out.

" Oh, Tyler has told us all about you!" Sherri said, giving Tyler a special look. I looked back at Tyler,

with a wondering look on my face. How did he know her? Had they gone out before? Are they going out now?

Many questions raced through my mind as I went into the backroom with Sherri.

Once we were in the backroom, Sherri said, " Okay, now. Take off your clothes."

My eyes widened. " What?!" I alm,ost yelled. " What are you going to do?"

" It's a surprise." I nervously took my clothes off. She studied me. I felt REALLY uncomfortable!!!

" Ok, now. Come through this door here." She said.

I looked at the door. " Isn't that the door we came through?"

"No. They all look the same but no. You're going to go tanning now. Okay?" Sherri said, and I nodded.

She led me through the door. And soon, I knew something was wrong. I looked up from the ground, and

saw everybody staring.

And laughing.

*Out of Flashback*

The same people still worked there, too. I shook my head, and took my mind off of the topic.

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