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Chapter 20

In Skye's P.O.V.

" I know." Emilee said. " Skye Daniels."

It was actually very weird that she knew my name. Wait.... " Trayton, what did you say her last

name was?" I asked, suddenly very courious, cuz for some reason it seemed I knew her.

" I didn't... But her last name is Morgenstern. I dunno why, but her last name reminds me of

Frankenstein." Trayton said, with no trace of sarcasm in his voice.

" F*ck you, Trayton." Emilee said at him, in a calm voice.

" Oh... My... God!" I scrame. I was sooooo excited! " Emilee!!!" I hopped out of my chair, (knocking

it over in the process) and hugged Emilee so tightly, she gasped " Can't.... BREAth..." I immediantly let go of her.

" Oh, god, Emilee! I'm so sorry! For so many thing, too!" My hands fluttered over here, wondering where

to touch her.

" It's fine, really!" Emilee said, in a gentel voice.

" Am I missing something here...?" Trayton asked, and I realized that he existed.

" Trayton! Emilee was the girl I was telling you about! She was my BFF when I was little! But, right after

her dad died, she was going through, like, really hard times, but I had to move to friggin stupid Texas." I rolled my eyes.

" And then I moved ba-"

" Yes, Skye, I know. You told me. You moved back, and went to her house, but she wasn't there, and

you were so sad, but lied there anyways, just for all the good times to come back to you. I know. But why didn't you

tell me her name?!"

" Well, to tell the truth, I just didn't really want to." Trayton was mad at me. I could tell. But right now, I really

didn't care, 'cuz I had my best friend back, and my life was now better than ever.


" TRAYTON!" Emilee screamed. " What the f*ck is you goddamn problem?! Why is it such a big deal that

we used to be friggin best friends?! Is it that Skye didn't tell you, or that we just know eachother? Or are you just

pissed cuz you're on your f*ckin peroid?"

I had never seen Trayton look like this. His face was aroused. He was frowning, and his face was red as Hell.


HAVE TO TELL YOU WHY I'M PISSED!" Both mine and Emilee's jaw dropped.

" Punch him for me, Skye." Emilee told me to do.

" Oh, like Skye is going to listen to a b*tch like yo-" I punched him, and I wasn't aiming, right in the eye.

" SKYE?!" He roared, once again. God he was yellin' alot today.

" Don't you DARE call my best friend a bitch." I yelled at him, and he looked at me.

" Fuck you." He told me.

Emilee flipped him the bird, and he shook his head. Having a hissy fit, he ran out of the room.

" Oh, God." I sat down beside Emilee, in the chair next to the bed.

" Oh, God, I hate needles." I whispered to myself, and to Emilee. " I hate I.V.'s and spiders... especially spiders.

creepy things that crawl all over the place and make webs that people run into..."

" Skye!" Emilee yelled at me, taking me out of my weird trance. " Were you even listening to me?"

" Uh... ye-no." I was about to say yes, but I knew she would ask me what she had said, so I just said no.

" Well, I shouldn't be surprised. You never did listen as a kid." My mouth popped open.

" And what exactly is that supposed to mean?!" I asked, and hit her arm. She put a weird look on her face,

and came close to me, as if she were going to hug me. But instead she turned her head, and blew a rasberry right on

my cheek. I smiled, remembering the time I did that to her to cheer her up.

But now, she really did hug me, and kissed my cheek. " I missed you."

I hugged her back. " I missed you, too. You have no clue how much I missed you. When Mom moved us back,

the first thing I did was run to your house and knock on the door. It opened, but they weren't you, or you're mom. In fact,

It was a guy with an orangish goatee, and he was wearing a bandana, and he asked if I wanted to come in and have a beer.

Or get 'EF-ed up'. I said no and ran right back to my house."

" Wait." Emilee let go of me. " Huh? We gave that house to my uncle. What was the dudes name?"

" Like, some crap like Carlosis, er Marlosis. Or something that ended with 'losis' He went into details about

his brother being named 'Uranus' or some other planet." I shrugged. " Why?"

" CARLO IS MY UNCLE?" She yelled. " And I did drugs and got drunk with him?! OhmyGOD!" My jaw dropped,

for the like, third time today.

" You did drugs?! Oh, you traitor! You broke the Pinky Promise! The like, Utimate Pinky Promise, too! Ugh.

I'm disgusted." I turned away from her.

" Tick tock on the clock much more time, to break pinkies, or promises, but I won't do it. Pinky Promise?" Aw!

She remembered the pinky break promise song! We always did that when we were kids.

" Pinky Promise." We put out pinkies together, and they shook.

" Anyways." Emilee started. " How did you meet Trayton?"

" Oh. Me and Abii were in the hospital cafeteria, because we were waiting for Gama MeiMei to wake up, and he

was yelling at this chick. Calling her name and saying that she was just a c*nt looking for some action. And saying like,

what if Emilee died and that was the last thing you said about her... And I thought it was amazing, so I just started hanging

out with him."

" Oh.... I think I really like him." My eyes went wide as Emilee said that. " But I'm in a love triangle. I know you

think those are only in books or- or T.V. shows, but I really am! Kinda... Cuz I like Trayton and Dayton. I like them both alot!"

OH, Now I am soooo glad that I didn't have sex with Trayton. I mean, I kinda regretted it before, but now, thank God

I didn't! I looked at Emilee's shocked face.

" What?!"

Oh, crap. I said that out loud...

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