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The Magical Creature Handbook by ecmalerie
The Magical Creature Handbookby E.C.Malerie
Need to know your creatures and magical beasts? You've come to the right place. This book replicates a geographic textbook. It includes all demons, beasts, creatures and...
  • faun
  • textbook
  • siren
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Out of Time by Fixed211
Out of Timeby Fixed211
Boy meets girl, typical I know. But there is something about different about the way she smiles. She is a little ray of sunshine, but somehow everything seems off.....
  • help
  • time
  • lukehemmings
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Repunzels tale of terrible avents. by sarahhaak
Repunzels tale of terrible avents.by sarahhaak
Repunzels tale is not what it seem but over time she discovers all secrets that are clear.but her parents have something there hiding.
  • cool
  • harmless
Harmless  by LexusC01
Harmless by LexusC01
Different point of views. Of different characters all connected. A bullied girl, a popular girl and her boyfriend. A "cult" maybe?
  • suspense
  • bulied
  • prologue
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Natural Quit Smoking Aid by Harmlesscigarette
Natural Quit Smoking Aidby Harmless Cigarette
Harmless Cigarette is a natural stop/quit smoking aid that helps overcome the urge to smoke, reduce cravings and makes it easy to quit smoking.
  • help
  • best
  • quit
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My Poetry by YellowCottonHat
My Poetryby Namaste.
Some of my poems. I can't say if they're 'dark' or 'light' if you know what I mean, because there is a mixture.. But I must warn you; I mainly right poetry when I'm a l...
  • judged
  • moon
  • mirror
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Your Eyes Has It by SurbhiPandey_
Your Eyes Has Itby Surbhi Pandey
Perial Institute of management is not just your average institute for studing but here the students are ranked between two ranks, bullies and the one being bullied...vic...
  • fantasy
  • fiction
  • josh
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When a Dandelion Roars by Jabjabin
When a Dandelion Roarsby Jabjabin
|| A short poem ||
  • poet
  • literary
  • harmless
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The Emo, Or The Prep? *emo prep arranged marriage*  by alexis_rene
The Emo, Or The Prep? *emo prep ar...by Alexis Long
The Emo Or The Prep? *Emo Prep Arranged Marriage* Emilee Morganstern has a good life. She has a big crush on her best friend, Dayton Robertson. The crush falls down w...
  • crying
  • good-bye
  • heaven
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World of Distruktion by Thefieryhoundoom
World of Distruktionby TheFieryHoundoom Flames
What would you do if the world was corrupted? All the people you knew was dead? Would you cry and be sad?,in this world that is a crime IT IS TO KILL AND HARM OTHERS OR...
  • warning
  • crime
  • destruktion
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Valentine's Day Prank (ON HOLD) by blueoceans
Valentine's Day Prank (ON HOLD)by nabil & nikki
"Swear on your life that you're never going to double cross me," weirdo-punk chick demanded. I smirk at her slightly. "Make me." "My dad is...
  • thought
  • joke
  • prank
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Calling of the Roses by lav1723
Calling of the Rosesby lav1723
  • thorns
  • near
  • rose
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Behind the Harmless by backway
Behind the Harmlessby backway
Everyone knows what the internet is. We use it to Google an answer to a homework problem, or watch a funny video. But what some of us don't know, is that there is an ent...
  • behindtheharmless
  • danger
  • darkweb
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Harmless Fun (COMING SOON) by amorloveeros
Harmless Fun (COMING SOON)by amorloveeros
The way his lips formed the perfect words. How he didn't have a care in the world. Nobody could bring this boy down. He'd brush haters off his shoulders, and with a flic...
  • alcohol
  • womanizer
  • joel
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