emo prep arranged marrage chapter 27

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Chapter 27

I was being woken up from my peaceful sleep because of my stupid doorbell.

I stood up, and looked at the clock above my T.V. It was 3:04 AM.

"Who would be ringing my doorbell at fucking three in the morning?!" I asked myself, and instantly thought

of Trayton. If it was him, I would murder him!

I shook my head, waked downstairs, rubbed my eyes and opened the door.

A cold gush of wind blew into my face, making me fully awake. Then something dragged me outside and

pushed me down to the ground. I rolled over and wiped the blood from my face. After I was done, I looked around

me, searching for the person who pushed me. And when I turned, I saw Dayton with two people beside him. They

all looked so pissed.

Then, without any warning, the two people held my arms and legs down. Dayton got on top of me, and said,

"You killed me, Baby..." I started to scream, but he covered my mouth by kissing me.

Then, his mouth moved to my neck, and then I knew this was my chance to escape. "Let go of me..." I said

in a sexy voice. Dayton looked up at me, while biting my bra, and smiled at me seductivly.

"Let her go." Dayton said, and the men instantly let go of my arms and legs. As soon as they did, I brought my

hands up to Daytons hair, and my legs wrapped around his waist.

"Kiss me." I smiled as I said it.

"My pleasure." And then he kissed me. It felt so good, I wanted him so bad. His lips were warm on mine, and

then almost fit perfectly with my lips.

Two minutes later, I was still kissing him. Then I thought, Wait. This isn't part of the plan...

So, I brought his head to my neck, and he started to give me a hickey. Great. I tore his head away from my neck,

and looked in his eyes, while holding both sides of his head. "I love you." I whispered, and then kicked him in the balls.

I pushed him off of me, and then ran inside, and locked the door. I skipped three stairs at a time going up the steps. I

knew I needed to just get in my room, and I'd be fine.

Once in my room, I locked the door, jumped on my bed, and I slid down under the blanket. Was that really Dayton?

Whould he really do that to me? No, I shook my head. No, he wouldn't.

And then, after thinking that, I fell asleep.

I was being woken up by my stupid doorbell. I stood up, and looked at the clock above my T.V. It was 3:04 in the AM.

WAIT! I scrame at myself. Didn't I wake up before when it was freaking 3:04 in the morining? And then I remembered.

I remembered everything. Everything. I turned on my lamp, and ran over to my mirror to examine my neck, to see if there was a


No, there wasn't. There wasn't one anywhere. There wasn't even blood on my face!

The doorbell rang again.

I ran down the stairs, and pulled the door open with all of my force. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" I scrame at Dayton and

his friends. But as soon as I was done, I knew that screaming that was a mistake.

Dayton wasn't there with his friends. Trayton was there, with his friends. His two friends.

They pushed me to the ground, and held down my arms and legs. Trayton sat on top of me, and whispered in my ear,

"You kill me, Baby."

"Good, you peice of shit!" I yelled at him, and then spit in his face. He looked majorly pissed off now. He slapped me.

"TRAYTON!" I yelled as I turned my face towards the side, so hopefully he couldn't tell that I was crying.

"You- you Bitch! I- I- I loved you..." He said in slured words. "And you fucking- you fucking- you fucking rejected me for

some- some- some asshole, who wasn't even in love with you!"

Wait! Slurred words? Oh, God, no. Trayton was drunk.

"You didn't love me!" I screamed. "You loved Skye?" Traytons face got hard as I said her name. "Oh, yeah, Skye!

Remember her?! Or are you to drunk to?!" I had stopped crying by now.

Trayton slapped me again. "TRAYTON!" I yelled again. "Quit it!"

Trayton shook his head, and looked at me with sad eyes. He got off of me. "Get off of her." Trayton said. They boys

remained holding me.

"No. You do this every night, Trayton. I need to do someone. And this girl is wayyy hot. Just let me do her for a couple

of minutes, and then let Ruf fuck her, and then we can go." The ugliest one said. But then the cuter one nodded in agreement.

"I said get the hell off of her, Mike. Or I will fucking slit your throat."

The boys shook their head, but they got off of me. They walked down the street, and got into a car.

Trayton looked away from me as I covered my mouth and started to cry.

I sat there for a couple minutes, and then I remembered something.

"You do this every night, huh?" Trayton looked at me like he had no clue what I was talking about. "You fucking tackle

girls, and try to rape them?" Trayton covered his eyes, and turned around so that he wasn't facing me. "You get drunk every night?

You- you have your friends get drunk and then they try to rape girls? Have you ever actually gone through with it? Huh? Have you?

I can't frucking hear you Tra-"

"YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARD IT IS! No idea! I don't want to do this! Everyone thinks that I'm so cool! I do this for- for

them!" Trayton turned, with his fist in the air and it swung towards me, and hit me in the eyes. I clutched my eyes area, and started

to cry, once again.

"It called peer preasure, Trayton! Did you ever graduate D.A.R.E.?"

"No! As a matter of a fact, I didn't because I was kicked out of school during that time!" I looked up at him, and then he fell

to his knees and crawled over to me.

"Emilee." He touched my eye, and I winced. "I'm so sorry." He ran over to the car, and then it drove away.

I lay there, and closed my eyes, for I was to exhausted to go inside, climb all of those stairs, and fall into my bed.


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