emo prep arranged marrage 8

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Chapter 8

Emilee's P.O.V.

I sat down on my bed, trying to cool off. I had just come back from jumping on the trampoline and

I was exausted!

I had been doing back flips, front flips, cartwheels, handstands, and many other things. It was

deffinetly a work out!

Anyways, I turned my ipod on and put it on shuffle. The first song was fine again by seether, an

amazing freakin' band. It was a very good song.

I closed my eyes, letting the music take me away. Then I heard a disturbing 'knock, knock, knock!'

My eyes flew open, and I was angry. This is my time to relax. Not my time for people to bug me! Ugh...

I opened the door and the face I saw was the face that I was totally expecting. It was Trayton. His hair

was messy, which was very unusual. His clothes were normal, Hollister. And his face. It was odd. It was either

hurt in his face, or worriedness (if thats a word...). I looked at him, my mind filling with questions.

"What do you want?" I asked. My voice was a little to harsh there.

" I have to ask you a question." He came into my room, walking past me.

" Okay, you can come into my room." I said in a sarcastic voice. I leaned against the wall, while he sat

down on my bed.

" Okay. I know that you don't really like me, and-"

I interupted him. " You got that right!" He glared at me.

" Just listen, okay?" I nodded, wondering what he was going to ask me. " Okay. We both don't like each

other, and I know I've been judgemental, because I've said that you were emo, and stuff, and I'm sorry. I wanna get

to know you better, I really do. And I want you to get to know me better. It's just, I'm sorry. okay? There I said it.

I'm sorry, Emilee. Will-" I interupted him, once again.

" Just get to the question, Trayton." I told him. The suspence was killing me!!!

" I was starting to, then you rudely interupted me." He said, playfulness if his voice. " Will you forgive me,

Emilee?" His voice got very serious.

" Yeah...." I said, rubbing my arms, for the fan was on and it was pretty cold. The fan was blowing my

hair everywhere, D*mn it!

A strand blew in my face. I was about to put it behind my ear, then suddenly Trayton moved my hand

away. I was confused, at first, then understood what he was doing.

He picked up the stand and lightly put it behind my ear. He smiled at me, and I smiled back. Then

suddenly I realised that his face was only a couple inches away from mine. AH!

He moved his head more foward, which made it to where his face was only a centimeter away from mine.

Should I got the last ten percent or him? Well, in Hitch, it says that the man should go the 90% and the

woman should go the last 10%. So, I'm gonna go with what Hitch said.

I moved my head foward, but slowly. The, even more slowly, I pressed my lips against his.

It felt as if his lips belonged withmine, and they needed to stay where they were forever. I stood on my

knees and kissed him more. He took off our shirt and turned the position to where he was on top of me, kissing

my neck.

" Baby..." He whispered inbetween kisses. " I lo-" But then he was cut off, by the door opening.

I sat up, pushing Trayton off of me, and looked at the door.



authors note:

who do u guys think the mystery person is? n do u like it? they had there first kiss!!! ^_^

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