emo prep arranged marrage 9

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srry it took my so long 2 post chapter 8 n 9, but i rote all of it, n it was done, n i was about 2 save, but then the power went out! grrr... i was mad! but, u finaly get 2 hear daytons p.o.v.... YAY! lol... but yeah, hope ya like it!

Chapter 9

Dayton's P.O.V.

I got into my car, smiling. But then again, I really wasn't smiling. In my mind, at least. I really had

thought that Emilee had quit cutting herself. I shook my head, as a tear came into my eye. Does she know

how much I love her?

Shocking I know. It was the truth, though. And I definately wasn't going to lie to myself.

But, my feelings aside, she had lied to me. Her best friend! How could she? Wtf.

I really needed to be at her house. For two reasons. 1. So I could tell her that it was okay, but I really

wish she would stop ( and the other part of the speach that I have memorised. And 2. So could get out of this

d*amn car so that my mind would stop thinking about How I love Emilee. Actually... I really do think it's partly

this car. And I also think partly that there was still the smoke from the weed me and Bruce, my best friend

smoked earlier... Hmm...

But then I shuned myself. NO! I will not think about smoking pot again! No way.

I was finaly at her house, and I saw Emilee's light on through her opened window. I ran up the steps

and rang the doorbell. I waited. And waited. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the door opened, and Emilee's mom

was at the door, and her mascara was smeared.

" Hey, Mrs. Rodriguez. Is Emilee home?" I asked casually.

" Yes. She's in her room; you can go on up."

I murmured a thank you and wondered why she had been crying.

I pushed the topic aside, and ran up the stairs that led to Emilee's room.

I stopped at the top of the stairs, for I heard moaning and someone say, ' Baby.' And right as they were

going to say ' I love you', I pushed open the door.

What I said, skared me, and madde me regret that I ever came here.

Trayton Doss was on top of Emilee, sucking on her neck. Both of their shirts were off, and both of Emilee's

legs were wraped around Trayton's hips. She was enjoying it...

It made me angry.

But, almost as soon as I opened the door, Emilee pushed Trayton off of her.

" WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!" I yelled, as I ran into her room, not knowing what I was doing. Emilee shoved

her shirt back over her head, struggling to get her arms through the holes.

Trayton was grinning, until he saw my face and then he looked startled.

" What are you doing here?!" He yelled at me, getting off the bed.

" I could ask you the smae freakin' question." I said to him, in the same tone of voice.

" I'm here trying to f*uck my lady! What about you?" Trayton wraped his arm around Emilee's bare hips. I

noticed that she didn't have a shirt on, and I guessed that she had just stopped trying to put on her shirt.

Then I looked at Emilee. She blushed, from the 'my lady' part, I guessed. But then, Her face got even more

red; and she was p*issed.

Her jaw dropped, and she turned towards Trayton. She brought her fist back, and shot it foward, just like I

had taught her.

There was a loud popping sound, and Trayton bent over in agony.

Tears came to Emilee's eyes, and she ran downstairs, and I followed her.

Wait... I had thought about Emilee running after me, not me running after her... But, I guess that she was

hurt more than me... Wait... No she wasn't! I just caught the girl I loved since third grade making out with a guy I

hated with her shirt off! I was hurt way more than her!

But, still, I chased after her.

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