emo prep arranged marrage 19(:

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Chapter 19

I lay on the bed, feeling miserable. I was still in the freakin hospital, and it was two days later.

Verrrrrry, very, bogus.

Mom and Trayton had visited, and so had Dayton, but dayton only stopped by to see my mom,

ask me how I was doing, and then left.

It made me very mad! I missed Dayton so much, I didn't know how to explain it. He had been

my best friend since, what, 6th grade? And know he is a backstabber, and I havn't seen him in like, 2 days.

It also hurt me to see mhim with Janice. I always wondered why, cuz my crush over him was 'done with'.

But now I know that I am totally not over him.

My life is like a love triangle, you see. I (maybe) love Trayton, and Dayton. Oh, God. My dad was

right about this concept.

Before he shot himself, he told me not to become friends with guys. It always started with bff's, then

it came to a crush, then to a relationship, and then, It was as if you had never knew them.

I shook my head as a tear came out of my eye.

I remembered all the faults in my life, all the thing I had done wrong, and the I remembered my little

brother, Jamie, and soon fell asleep.


I woke up to Traytons voice. Then I heard a girls voice. My eyes flashed open, then I realized that

they were talkingabout me, so I closed them back, pretending that I was fast asleep. Thanks God they

didn't notice.

" Do you think we should tell her?" The girl asked. Tell me what...?

" Was that supposed to be a rehetorical question," Trayton said, hinting sarcasm in his voice. "because I have no answer."

" No. Answer it."

" No. No I don't think we should, cuz I'm supposed to be married to the girl in a couple of months. I mean, I have no clue what her reaction would be. Would she think I was cheating on her, or what?" Trayton said, sighing afterwards.

There was a silence.

" But you said yourself that she didn't love or like you."

" Well, I think she LIKES me, but I'm not really that sure." Trayton said, and I could tell his cheeks were getting red.

" LIKES you, or likes you?" The girl asked. I didn't know who she was, but I knew she had a really pretty voice, that seemed sooo so so firmiliar.

" Kindergarden versions of like, Skye?" Trayton said, and my eyes flew open. I sat up, wayyyy to quickly. The light was blinding as I opened my eyes.

With squinting eyes, I looked at the girl, Skye.

" Emilee!" Trayton yelled, completely surprised. " Oh, God." Skye coughed. " Oh, right. Uhh... Emilee, this is Skye. Skye-"

I interupted him. " I know. Skye Daniels."

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