Five Star Hotel by MayaApples
Five Star Hotelby MayaApples
|#2 in Romance 2/20/16| *** " he sent you here. The dirtiest, grimiest, most vile building in New York City. The building where countless have silently lost th...
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Sitting at the Right Hand of the Devil (AHS Apocalypse/ Michael Langdon) by LouderThanHe1l
Sitting at the Right Hand of the LouderThanHe1l
"I'm making you nervous I see." He smirked. "Well I wouldn't give you the satisfaction of me saying yes but I am growing quite uncomfortable with you loo...
  • langdon
  • hotel
  • supernatural
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Ever wondered what happened the night WWE Superstar Seth Rollins, invited a fangirl up to his hotel room? Well forget everything you've read on the internet, and forget...
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#SoloTravel - Writing Contest! by travel
#SoloTravel - Writing Contest!by Marriott TRAVELER
Calling all travel lovers, dreamers, and wanderlust seekers! We have paired up with Marriott International's online travel publication, Marriott TRAVELER to bring you an...
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Sweet Serial Killer || AHS Hotel / Mr.March || ✔ by perfectplaces
Sweet Serial Killer || AHS XX
•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•° Everything changed for Samantha when she stepped at the Cortez and found herself completely in love with James P...
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~He's only mine~|| Tododeku fanfic  by Toroko313
~He's only mine~|| Tododeku fanfic by Toroko313
Unable to further pursue an education, Izuku Midoriya or "Deku" takes on the job of an employee at the Luxury hotel, a well-known hotel with some interesting o...
  • anime
  • sextoys
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What A Love You Give Demons X Reader by KayKismet
What A Love You Give Demons X KayKismet
Short oneshots of characters from Hazbin Hotel! Both male x male, Male x Female, and Female x Female. Enjoy! ****WARNING!!!!!!!!!**** may contain trigger...
  • oneshot
  • romance
  • dust
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finding flora [jm] by lexscoven
finding flora [jm]by lex
in which flora cortez falls in love with a peculiar hotel and the man who built it. book number one LOWERCASE INTENDED ;; COMPLETED ;; [ AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL ]
  • ahs
  • mrmarch
  • americanhorrorstoryhotel
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You're my zing (Male mavis x reader) by sugarskull1480
You're my zing (Male mavis x sugarskull1480
I don't own any of the characters or the movie Hotel Transylvania but this is an x reader and I will add the second movie into this to
  • sugarskull1480
  • hoteltransylvania
  • romance
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Zing! by LillyinSnappe
Zing!by Lillyin
WELCOME to Hotel Transylvania! Human free since forever! But now... Jonathan has arrived and has brought Elisabeth with him. Follow Lis during her hectic stay at Hote...
  • romance
  • hotel
  • wattys2018
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The Millionaire's Bride by _underscore22
The Millionaire's Brideby xLizx
He turned around to my father, and said "Mr steel I have a proposition for you, as you may know in order to acquire the company my father insists I be married and I...
  • suits
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DESPAIR ( american horror story.. ) by -lxcifer
DESPAIR ( american horror story.. )by librarian !
let me see you despair. american horror story.. ( alternate universe.. ) ( all seasons.. ) @-lxcifer cover by @maIevoIence
  • ahs
  • mystery
  • cult
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Billionaire Bride by destinyd457
Billionaire Brideby
"Do you remember telling me to get the hell out of your face?" She asked, hatred evident on her face He remained quiet "Now I'm telling you to get the fuc...
  • marriage
  • chicklit
  • friendship
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Onyx {Those Eyes Series - #1} by MoonlitDusk
Onyx {Those Eyes Series - #1}by MoonlitDusk
ℋISTORICAL ℱICTION / ℛOMANCE Historical Fiction #3 {18/7/2017} [SERIES CAN BE READ IN ANY ORDER]. ◀ A Dark Romance ▶ Dark hair and murky gems for eyes. They twinkle wit...
  • cold
  • mystery
  • romance
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Pure Lily White| Michael Langdon by velvetlangdon
Pure Lily White| Michael Langdonby Em🌹
I never truly thought about what could happen if the world were to end on any given day. I never thought about what would happen if everything and one vanished in the bl...
  • horror
  • ahsfanfic
  • magic
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instability ━━━━━━ AMERICAN HORROR STORY¹. by -infinityswar
instability ━━━━━━ AMERICAN — emma.
❝ why stay, ms. ramos? most sane people would have ran off the second they saw what this place is. ❞ ❝ I guess you have your answer, mr. march. people say I'm insane...
  • hotel
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Crave The Bet by hiddenite1
Crave The Betby hiddenite1
"Not even a bet can keep you from getting what you want" --- G!P Camren
  • awesome
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  • friendship
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Innocence meets Destruction by ToxicWinchester
Innocence meets Destructionby ToxicWinchester
Victoria's mother drags her daughter along to go visit an old friend of hers, Elizabeth. They plan to stay at the hotel for a month. What happens when Victoria bumps int...
  • ladygaga
  • ahs
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Evan peters oneshots & Lemons  by PASTELLETE
Evan peters oneshots & Lemons by Pastelgurodoll
Ahs characters included. reader x Evan peter [tate langdon,kit walker,jimmy darling etc] This is just a little book filled with Lemons and Oneshots,nothing out of the us...
  • jamesmarch
  • murderhouse
  • tatelangdon
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Zing 2! : Family Problems by LillyinSnappe
Zing 2! : Family Problemsby Lillyin
Hey there to those people who've been waiting! This Story is the squeal to Zing. if you've not read that story then you really need to read that one first. FINALLY FINIS...
  • character
  • life
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