emo prep arranged marrage 12

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Chapter 12

There I sat, shocked. My lips didn't fit into his like they did with Trayton's. For an experiment, I made my lips

move, almost enjoying the minute.

And, as it turned out, he was a very good kisser. I got on my knees, like I did with Trayton. I pushed him over,

and got on top. I kissed his neck, and went all the waydown until I got to his belly button. My hands went under his shirt,

and I raked my fingers over his stomache. I pushed up his shirt, and lifted it over his head.

Kissing my way back to his mouth, I suddenly felt like a whore. I had made out two times today, with 2 different guys.


Yet, I kept kissing him, not caring if I felt like a whore, skank, slut, or not. I kissed him harder, and I wanted him.

He lifted the shirt over my head, and looked at me. We had stopped kissing, but we both were breathing heavy.

" You're beautiful." He told me.

" And you're f*ckin' sexay!" I told him, then went back to kissing him. His arms wraped around my waist, touching my *ss.

My arms wraped around his neck, like a chain. I didn't want to leave that spot. Ever.

I smiled. He smiled back at me, and I felt like this was the only place I could ever be in my life.

Day switched positions and suddenl;y he was on top. Mergg...

I licked his bottom lip and explored his mouth. I bit his tounge, and it caught him off gaurd. I smiled, seeing that

my plan worked, and got on top of him.

" Ouch..." He said to me. " Why did you do that?" He asked, touching his tounge.

" I like to be on top." I smiled evily.

" I'll remember that next time, Babe."

Then I came back into the real world. Not that that wasn't me making out with him, of course it was! But I then

remembered that he had a girlfriend, for a long time. I stopped kissing him, and looked at Dayton. He smiled, and his

arms snaked around my bath, and unhooked my bra.

I put my hand on my chest, and looked at Day even more. Not wanting to, I said, in a hoarse voice, ' You have I girlfriend.'

Speak of the Devil, and he may come...


srry, its so short!!! im about 2 watch american idol, and i kinda just whipped sumthin up real fast, but, what do u think will happen next?! *laughs evily* mwahhahaaha! hope u like it!

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