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Chapter 18

Emilee's P.O.V.

I woke up, rubbing my eyes. And saw that everyone was surrounding me. And saw that I was

in a hospital, on a bed. " Where am I?" I asked, horrified. " Where am I?!"

" Honey..." Mom said, in a light voice. " You're in te hospital. Don't you remember?" As soon

as she said that, everything came back to me.

Trayton, Dayton, Carlo, Me getting drul, me getting f*cked up on herion. Me, coughing up blood?

Wait, wait, wait. Was that right?

" We think we found the guy who did this to you. We're going to sue him." Dayton said, with his

arm around Janice. I immediantly remembered the dream about her. She was in here and- wait. They

were going to sue Carlo?

He need's to be punish for what he did to you, severly punish-" there were a rush of murmurs,

and I interupted them

" No." I said, in my arguing tone. " You aren't going to sue him."

" Oh, Honey, why not?" My mom said, on the verge of tears.

" Because. I wanted ot do that stuff with him. I wanted to get drunk and f*ck-" My mom gasped.

" I mean, jacked up. It was Jamie's anniversary of his death. I was depressed, and stupid. We're not sueing

Carlo for something he didn't do. He didn't enject herion into my arm. He didn't shove the coke up my nose

and make me snort it."

" What did you say his name was?" Mom asked me.

" Carlo. Calrosis, er something. Really weird name." I nodded.

Mom's face got red. " Carlosis Raerin!" Then she stormed out of the room.

" I want out of this hospital." Dayton stared at me. Then he looke dbahind him.

" Everyone. I want to talk to Emilee. Privately." Once everyone was outside, he said, " How could

you Emilee?" I stared at him for a mili second, before snaping at him.

" YOU FUCKIN HYPOCRITE! you did drugs before! Don't tell me you didn't because I've seen the

scars on your arms! You were a junkie! I know. Can you believe that you mom told me? You were at

Janice's house, probly f*cking her and I had to babysit your sisters, while your mom went out and got

drunk as hell. But, before she left, she told me that you were, before your, then she broke off not wanting to

tell me anymore, and then she said, he shoulda stopped when he was alive! Now I understand!, YOU


" And yeah, I cut myself." I showed him my arm. " I was embarrased by the guy I liked in sixth grade.

I got my vag shown to a whole f*cking spa, but I forgot about that. I moved on! Maybe not from my brothers

death, but who could? He was a little boy. He didn't even know how much he ment to me.

" Oh, God. Let me out of here." I silently cried.

" You can't. You have to stay in here for a few more days an-"


Soon, the nurse's came in, to restrain me. They held me down to the bed, and stuck a needle

into my arm, making me quickly feel drowsy, then I fell into a deep, deep sleep.


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