emo prep arranged marrage chapter 26

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Chapter 26

In Emilee's P.O.V.

I woke up with my alarm blaring. My first thought was, "Shut up, stupid alarm clock!"

My second thought, Dayton.

I had forgiven my mom, and we worked on his funeral arrangments with his mom. My mom was surprised that

she wasn't high/drunk. She was completely sober. For Dayton.

We got blue flowers for the funeral, and a bright orange casket. We had the funeral outside, on a bueatiful day.

It was bright and sunny.

But Daytons mom was wanting the funeral two days he died. I said no, because we had to arrange the funeral.

*Flashback to two days after Daytons death*

I was sitting on the bed next to Dayton's mom, Carolyn. She was crying, and so was I.

"We should have today!" She yelled. We weree talking about when the funeral should be. I said in two days,

but she kept sayting "TODAY!" like a kid arguing about if they should get candy or not.

"Carylyn!" I yelled, making her shut up. "We are not having the funeral today!" She didn't argue any more.

"I'm sorry. It's just, my brother, then my dad, and then this. It's like I'm loosing everything important in my life,

ya know?

"And the last time I saw him, I was mad at him. I said bad things about him to myself. And then he died..." I

couldn't believe I had just told her all of that. I almost started crying again.

But all she said was: "You never know a good thing untill you lose it." I nodded, because I understood, and it

was true. I did start crying now. Again.

"Carlyn. I know that you are going throught so much worse than me... But-" I broke off because I felt a breeze

of cool air, and it reminded me of something firmiliar. Like- like Day.

But, no. That's impossible. I thought. He is dead.

"You know, don't you?" Carlyn said, interupting my thoughts.

But I knew what she was talking about. Dayton's little brother. The one who drownd. I nodded.

"And- and you don't blame me? For getting drunk all of the time?" She asked, her face now red.

I was about to answer, but then I felt that cold rush of air again. It remeinded me, this time, of when Dayton

got mad. When he had a hissy fit and he didn't get his way. But, NO! I yelled mentaly. He. Is. Not. Here! He. Is.

Dead! But after I thought that, I could talk again.

"No. I did it on the anniversary of- of Jamie's death, and I just noticed this, but Dayton died on the same day

that my father died on..." I said, kind of dazing off, thinking.

Then once again, the air got nippy, then, in an instant, it went away.

*Out of Flashback*

I picked up my black dress pants, my black shirt, my black heels, (which were very uncomfortable) and put

them on. I put my hair up in a bun, with a couple streaks of hair hanging out in front of my face. Then I dabbed on

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