emo prep arranged marrage 4

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Chapter 4

I felt something touch my face. I turned my head and fell onto my side. I was sleeping comfortably

in my bed.

Then, all of a sudden, Warm water was poured on me. My eyes popped open, seeing trayton run into my


And of course, I ran after him. But when I got into the bathroom, I felt something sticky under my feet.

I looked down and saw...... Syrup!!! EWWW!!!

Trayton had jumped over it.

" Ugh! I'm gonna kill you!" I yelled.

" If you can get your feet out of the syrup. HAHA!!! I putr alot of layers on there..." He said mischeviously.

" I hate you!!! Why would you put syrup on my bathroom tile?! My mom is going to kill you! And I'll hold

you down for her!" I was completely P*issed off. Argh...

I groaned when I looked at the clock realized I had plans in fifteen minutes.

" MOM!" I scrame, hoping she wasn't asleep.

" What?" She yelled back to me.

" Help!"


No One was in my room. I grabed the rasor and slid it along my wrist. It felt good. This

time I did it because I was mad...


I looked around the mall. I was freakin hungry. I bought a hotdog and sat down at a bench.

" So..." Said my bestfriend, Dayton Robinson. " Why were you late again?"

Dayton: http://poponthepop.com/images/gallery/adam-lambert-has-gorgeous-eyes.jpg

" Ugh.... Ok. Get this throught your thick skull." I laughed. " Ya know how I told you that

My mom set up an arranged marrage? Well, Last night-"

" You did it with him?" He asked casually.

" EW, DAY! NO WAY!" Day was his nickname, I had given it to him.

" Well, you were like," He started talking in a girly voice. " 'last night I had to sleep in the same

bed with him...' What the hell am I supposed ta think?" I started to gigle.

" Day, I don't even know the man. It's just an arranged marrage, and then we'll probly get a

divorce anyways. Nothing to worry about."

" Now resume with you story."

" And then I pushed him off the bed and got a bowl on water and put his hand in it. And then

waddya know, in the morning, He pours water on me, and runs into the bathroom. And, of course, I

chase after him."

" Of course." Day agreed.

" But when I run into the bathroom, there's syrup all over the floor. I mean all over. And then

my mom blamed me, and so I had to clean it up." I finished my hotdog and threw it into the trash.

" Okay, now, where are we going to shop at first?" I asked him.

" What's your arranged marraged husbands name?"

" Hmm.... I don't think thats a store... But i'll check..." I went up to some girl selling sunglasses.

" Ma'am? Is there a store here called 'What's your arranged marraged husbands name?'" I

asked her. She looked confused.

" No, I don't think so..."

I went back to Day.

" Nope. No store called that." I popped the P.

He glared at me. " You know what I mean."

" Ugh... Dayton. I don't wanna talk about him. I just want to have a good time with you." I put

my arm around his waist, and he put his arm around my shoulders. We walked to Hot Topic.

" I still want to know his name." He said.

And then I sighed, giving in. "His name is Trayton Doss."

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