emo prep arranged marrage 5

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Chapter 5

After we were sick of shopping, Day, was giving me a ride home, since mom was now at work.

I guess her saw me glaring at him, so he sighed and said " Look, Emilee, That shirt was way to

much, and it only had a picture of Kurt Cobain, and a little paragraph about him."

" I don't care! You know I like Kurt Cobain, and you know he;s like, my Idol. You're so mean.

Plus, It's my money anyways." I rolled my eyes.

Dayton was silent. He stopped on the road outside my house.

I got out of the car and walked t the door.

" Hey, Emilee, look I'm sorry." Dayton walked up to me, and grabed my wrist. I cringed backwards,

for that was the exact spot where I had cut myself.

His expression immediantly went blank. He pulled my sleeve up and saw my wrist. He stared at it.

" I'm- Dayton I'm sorry... I'm so sor-" I began. I had promised Dayton that I wodn't cut myself anymore

after I had almost killed myself because I had cut so deep.

He interupted me by saying, " Don't start." I looked in his eyes, searching for something. Anything. And

I saw hurt. I had broken my promise.

" Please..." I started, but he walked back to his car and left.

I stood there, watching his car until I could see it no more.

A traitor tear came out of my eye, and I quickly wiped it away. " Dayton, I'm sooo sorry!" I went inside,

and into my room.

" Where were you all day?" Trayton asked, coming out of the bathroom, wearing a towel around his hips.

"Get out." I told him. and he actually listened to me.

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