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Valora was fading, fast. I turned down another alley trying to evade the prying eyes of panicking humans. DeLacy and Stella were close behind me, both just as frightened as I was but for different reasons.

Stella was frightened of the panicking crowds and armed forces stampeding the streets. DeLacy was scared for her people and the safety of her new family. But I was completely terrified, that the girl in my arms wasn't going to make it. That I would fail her just like I did Charlie, just like I did every person I was supposed to protect that died.

Hearing a large truck, too close for comfort, I turn down another narrow passage between apartment buildings away from the sound of vehicles and chaos. The tall housing complexes steadily turned into skyscrapers as my path lead us farther into the heart of the city.

Every so often we would have to cross a street but in the mayhem we quickly blended in with the crowds. The people were loud and the sent of vomit, piss, and fear hung heavy in the air. Loud sirens split the air in an ear piercing shriek, the combination making me both dizzy and nauseous.

Blocking everything out as best I could still hear snippets of what people were yelling at one another.

"Demons! Demons!" They were yelling as they ran in every direction. "Monsters! Run! Hide! Monster!"

The Anu had made it to the surface. There would be no where to hide from now on, we were exposed to the world and they would never let us rest until we were dead, or they were.

Stopping beside a pile of battered cardboard boxes I lean my back against the concrete wall, clutching Valora's limp bleeding form in my arms. She had long since passed out from blood loss.

"Carson..." I hear my name being called. Looking up I see DeLacy standing before me reaching to take Valora from my grasp.

Holding her tighter to my body I refuse to let my sister carry her. "Carson, you're exhausted and you look like you're about to go into shock. Let me carry her." She orders gently, placing her hands under the girl in my arms. Slowly lifting the weight from my hold, it's then I realize that my hands were shaking badly and my legs trembled so severely it was a wonder I was standing.

Taking as deep and slow of breaths as I could, I slid down the wall I had been leaning against, feeling the sharp grating pain of concrete sliding across my skin through my torn and battered clothes. I couldn't find the strength to stand or even lift my bleary eyes from the ground. Feeling something large and cold nudge me in the side coxes me into lifting my head to see a large multi colored wolf beside me.

Stella had shifted back into her wolf form and was giving me a worried look. Lowering her head she nudged me again, this time in the hip. She was trying to get me to stand, I realized.

I wanted to, I did. But my body wouldn't obey. I tried to lift my arms but it was taking all my strength to keep my head up.

"Carson?" It was DeLacy, I think. I couldn't really be sure at the moment. The cold feeling of Stella's nose returned as she prodded my side and whined.

I didn't respond, I couldn't. I was just too tiered, all I wanted was to sleep. Blinking in long slow motions I found I couldn't open my eyes again. My head dropped without my consent and I startled awake again, but it was short lived as I immediately started falling asleep again.

The prodding in my side became more insistent but I couldn't, I just didn't have the strength. After God knows how long the prodding stopped. I was relieved, I could finally go to sleep.

Just before I fell unconscious I felt a pair of arms wrap around me and lift my limp body off the ground. Then I slipped into the nothingness of a dreamless sleep.

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