True colors

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'Stella's wolf eyes'

To say things between Valora and we're tense would be an understatement. It was like the girl had glued herself to DeLacy's side. What really bothered me was that DeLacy didn't seem bothered by it at all. At times it seemed like she was encouraging the closeness.

I didn't really have right or claim to DeLacy but a deeper part of me that held far more sway than I'd like to was aggravated and pacing in irritation. I was a little more than irked that DeLacy could kiss me the way she did the other night and almost completely ignore me in favor of cuddling up to this girl, who she didn't even seem to really know until a few hours ago.

I did find it amusing that the girl seemed to put away just as much food as DeLacy. It was like watching two dogs trying to finish their bowls before the other.

DeLacy took up the task of washing the dishes and Valora was sitting on the counter jabbering away in Spanish. She was like an overly attached retriever.

I was hunched over on the bar glaring at the two when Eric slipped into the seat next to me. "How you doin'?" He asks in a low voice so the other two don't hear.

I don't bother to look at him when I answer. "Fine." I grunt, firmly keeping my chin on my arms.

One of his large hands lands on my back. "Don't give me that horse shit. Just make sure you keep it under control before you do something you'll regret." He warns. This earns him my full glare. "Don't even," He points a finger at my face. "You may be smarter than me but you're also a lot more reckless than I am." With a solid pat to my back he stood up and made his way outside.

Internally growling at his retreating back I let my head thump back down onto my arms and resume glaring at the two Anu in front of me. The problem was that I knew exactly what he was talking about. I felt an irrational festering rage writhing in the back of my skull, searing a hole through my brain.

I watched the two of them chatter away until the sky had long since turned dark and DeLacy finally suggests that Valora go home before her parents worried.

"¡Hasta luego!" The Latina bid before leaning in and doing that weird cheek kiss thing.

Trying not to openly snarl I watch the girl trot down the porch steps before DeLacy closed the door.

"Well you two certainly turned BFF's in a flash. Seriously that's gotta be a new record or something." I didn't exactly mean to say it but the words were out of my mouth before I could put a clamp on them.

That earns me a look from DeLacy. "Okaayy..." She drawls our eyeing me up and down. "I'm going to bed." She announces shaking her head at me like I was delusional.

Scowling I felt the anger and hurt that had been building in the back of my mind since this morning rear its head. Following her upstairs to our room I storm in after her and slam the door shut. "Hey! Don't just ignore me!" My voice rose sharply into a yell as I got more and more upset. I was pissed and the chains had just been strained to their limit on the beast curled up inside of me.

Turning around slowly to face me she asks in a calm voice, "What do want Stella?"

I huffed in exasperation. "I just told you what I wanted! I have tried talking to you all day and you've consistently ignored me in favor of her." I was practically seething, spit flying from between clenched teeth.

"Seriously?! That's what you're angry about?!" She shouts back. "Valora is the first Anu I've ever spoken to, she's the first one I've ever even met! Yes I wanted to talk to her, it's called camaraderie! As a lycan I thought you'd understand that!" She was screaming now and her eyes were glowing a bright cerulean and the edges where there should have been white were quickly turning black.

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