Different Views

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'She would be okay. She was strong and the Nadef wouldn't send people into a hospital and start shooting up the place. Not for her anyway. They'd come after DeLacy and I.' As this thought crosses my mind my eyes are drawn to the two forms sleeping restlessly on the couch.

As I stared at the sleeping face of my sister I watched as her brows drew together and her features morphed into one of pain and anger. Strong people are only strong to a point, and DeLacy was getting dangerously close to that point. I dread the day she reaches it.

I turn my attention back to the mostly empty cup still in my hands. 'I will kill them if they come here.' I assure myself. A click from the door draws my attention and I tense up preparing to attack if I need to. When the door opens and the news woman from before peaks her head in my body visibly relaxes.

"Hello." She greats stepping into the room with a nerves smile. My eyes flit to the cameraman standing in the doorway behind her before returning to her face.

"Hi." I return the greeting in a clipped monotone.

Giving another nerves smile she motions to the chair next to the mounted tv requesting permission to sit.

At my nod she quickly takes the seat before I can change my mind.

My eyes dart to the man as he enters the room and goes to stand next the woman. Clearing her throat she gives me another polite nerves smile. "So, the other, mega was it?" She ask glancing at DeLacy still asleep on the couch.

The tv had been turned off so I couldn't tell what the camera was seeing so I opted for neutrality. Nodding my confirmation I stay silent and wait for her to continue.

"The other mega..." She begins before I cut her off.


"What?" She ask startled by my interruption.

"Her name, is DeLacy." I repeat firmly.

"DeLacy." The woman repeats the name with a more genuine smile. "So DeLacy told us about this war. But I get the feeling you have a different view?" She questions, leaning forward in her seat.

"I do." I respond, taking a deep breath I start speaking again when she opens her mouth. "DeLacy said she had never wanted to kill someone until today. I wish I could say the same." I tell her as my gaze lands back on the mostly empty cup in my hands.

"I was raised by the Nadef and before I met her in that class room, and even after for a short while, I had wanted to kill every Anu I could find. But then I got lost for a little while." My gaze never leaves my fingers as they toy and play with the mostly empty cup. "I had to take medicine every day of my life. The older I got the more I had to take."

I watched the little bit of water slosh around in the empty confines of the cup. "It wasn't until I met her and Stella and Valora that I ever hesitated at killing an Anu.

Growing up I was always told how my parents were killed by Anu that had attacked one of our basses." I stopped swirling the cup and let the water rest at the bottom of the mostly empty cup.

"It wasn't until I got older and I started to show more physical prows than the other kids that I noticed my medicine started to get higher in amount and I realized that I never once witnessed Anu attack us without us attacking them first."

I tilted the cup until the water almost spilled out before righting it again. "I had walked into that classroom and I had one thing in mind. I was going to kill this Anu, it attacked someone and I was going to kill it." I still haven't looked away from the mostly empty cup.

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