Family Bonding

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Walking through the corridors I can't help but notice all the new people. This place was getting crowded with refugees and families that were coming in by the hundreds. It seemed like every Anu on the planet was steadily making their way here.

Making my way down the halls the people milling about seem to split around me like the Red Sea.

I'm on my way to see DeLacy in her chambers to try and get this awkward atmosphere that surrounds us to go away. It was still a little odd to find a sister you never knew anything about.

Pausing in front of the stone door I quickly knock before I can talk myself out of it. 'Damn it, that kind of hurt. Who makes stone doors anyways? Just put a wooden one, they don't hurt.'

The door swiftly swings open to reveal DeLacy standing there in a dark blue oversized sweat-shirt making the white running shorts almost unseeable. Looking at her sweat-shirt it reads 'Some people really suck avoid them' in white block letters. Chuckling I look up at her with a raised brow.

"What?" She ask glancing down at her shirt, "It's true." She says with a shrug like it's the most obvious thing before stepping aside to let me in. Walking past her she closes the door behind me. "So, what's up?" She ask taking a seat on the end of the bed, tucking one leg underneath her.

Glancing at her I respond, "About twenty-stories of sand. Why?" Before I fully turn to her with a completely straight face.

She gives me a balance look in return then makes a tsk sound before saying, "Damn I thought it was snow. No wonder my snow-cone tasted weird." Her voice completely serious.

We both stair at each other for a moment before her face lights up with a blinding smile and I let something between a smirk and a smile adorn my features. "I could be wrong but I don't think snow's supposed to be yellow." I say with a light tone and a bit of laugh in my voice.

Her face drops and her eyes widen in faux seriousness, "If it is, don't eat it." She says with a completely strait face and the most serious voice I've ever heard.

Scrunching up my nose, "That's revolting." I respond with clear disgust in my voice.

She chuckles at my response before speaking again, "So why are you here." she ask in a kind tone before going serious again, "Nothing happened has it?" Her body suddenly tense at the thought of trouble.

"No! No." I quickly assure, "I just wanted to talk." I say taking a seat on the bed a little ways away from her.

The tension leaves her body just as quickly as it had arrived at my words. "Oh. About what?" She ask turning her body to face me.

Taking a deep breath I let it out slowly as I respond, "That, is a very good question."

"Is that your cliche way of saying 'you don't know'?" She ask with a smirk.

"Pretty-much, yeah." I answer with a quick nod.

Letting out an airy chuckle she glances down at the comforter before looking back up, "Alright I'll bite, what's your favorite color?" She ask with a slight smile crossing her legs Indian style on the bed.

"Realy?" I ask with a raised brow.

"Got a better idea?" She ask with a playful challenging look on her face.

Narrowing my eyes because I didn't I turn and mirror her position with my legs crossed I front of my with my hands in my lap. "Fine." I huff, "Green."

"What kind of green? Like light green?" DeLacy ask.

"No!" I correct immediately with a little too much force. "Dark, forest green." I finish in a calmer voice.

"Okay dark green." She says with a slow nod and slightly amused expression.

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