Don't push me

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'Ghaaaa, I hate bells!' I glare toward the offending box of noise on the other side of the wall. Getting out of my desk I start heading toward my second period.

I make it down the hallway and half way up another when I feel an arm drop onto my shoulders. "So DeeLaacyy. Whatcha doin' this weekend?" I knew that who that voice belonged to.

Luke Chasm: star quarter-back, cute, buff, lycan, and......dumber than box a nails.

I don't respond, opting to just shrug off his arm and walk faster. Hoping to get to class before he decides to do anything he'll regret.

I've never had a problem with my temper before, but ever since Stella moved in I've been having more and more trouble controlling myself from snapping at people who grab me or make fun of me as my emotions seem to become more and more unstable the more I'm around her.

"Aww. Come on DeLacy don't be like that." Luke says grabbing me around the waist and pulling me into his chest. "Just give me an answer. Come on it's only a few words." He adds in a baby talking voice.

He presses his cheek to mine and I have the strong erg to vomit. And as appealing as that sounds, I much rather brake his jaw.

I rip out of his grip and walk as fast as I can, without running, away from him. But Luke being---well to put it bluntly a complete FUCKING IDIOT, he doesn't take the hint to back off.

"DeLacy. Sweetheart. Come on don't be like that." He says grabbing my arm and spinning me around to face him. "I know what you're hiding under all those clothes." The smirk on his face made my stomach curdle in disgust. "Mind if I get a closer look?" He all but growls pulling me closer. 'YUCK!! What the fuck dude?!'

I yank out of his grip again and again he reaches for me.

"Hey!" I hear someone yell from a few yards away. At first I thought it was one of the human teachers that had seen us but when I look at the intruder. I come face to face with one very angry lycan.

Luke looks at the man as well and it looked as if he just peed his pants. "C-co--couch T-Tenbrook! W--what are-you-uh-doing here...............sir?" He stumbles out.

"Wonderin' what in the flyin' hell you think you're doin' with Miss Massai." Couch demands in a stern voice.

Luke starts looking around for help and it's only then that I realize no one else is in the hallway.

Looking back at the enraged lycan Luke seems to get an idiotic spout of courage and puts his arm around my shoulders and says, "I was just asking DeLacy here if she wanted to have some fun this weekend. Ya know she doesn't have any friends and I'm sure the slu--Stella would be more than happy to get her out of her hair."

I can feel my eyes change color as a burn slowly spreads across my eyes. Gritting my teeth I try to keep from lashing out at the rude moron standing next to me.

"Hey Dad. Hey DeLacy. Get lost douche-bag." Lily jumps into the conversation getting in-between Luke and I.

"Lily go to class. That goes for the two of you as well." Couch Tenbrook says.

"Yes sir." Lily nods pulling me away from Luke.

"Wait!" The idiot calls out. He grabs me by the waist and pulls me right out of Lily's grip. Before I can really react he grabs my jaw in a firm grip. I stiffen as he leans in to kiss me. And at that exact moment when both Couch and Lily are reaching in to pull him back. Not because they feared for his safety from me, but because of what Stella might do to the stupid idiot.

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