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'DeLacy's cat'
AN: I'm using Google Translate so if something that isn't English looks funny or doesn't sound quite right please let me know.


It's been ten minutes since the whole tripping and running incident and DeLacy still hasn't come down.

I was absentmindedly chewing on the pad of my thumb lost in thought, trying to come up with a way to keep distance between myself and DeLacy.

I was so lost in thought that I didn't notice the cat eating my food until its tail brushed my arm.

'What the...' I barely manage to keep from jumping out of my chair as my head jerks up to look at the cat.

It was sitting there eating my eggs and I was so dumbfounded I just sat there staring at it like an idiot. The cat was solid black aside from the toes on its front paws and all the way to the first bind in the hind legs were white along with a small diamond/cross shape on its chest.

"Where'd you come from?" I wonder aloud.

It just looks up at me and meows then goes back to eating my food. 'Ookaaayyy...'

'Well they have a dog that chases anything that fucks with it, a cat that likes to eat your food, an overly nice Italian woman, OH and let's not forget the whole genetic mutation with fangs thing, that one's important. Dear Lucia what have I been thrown into?'

I wasn't sure if the cat was allowed to eat food off people's plates and I still wanted to eat so I reached over to shoo the cat away. It didn't like that idea too much.


'Ho-ly shit!' I've been up here in my room for the past ten minutes in a total freak out.

I was so tense I couldn't even retract the needle point sharp black claws extending from my hands and feet. The ones on my hands were two thirds the length of the respective finger they extended from and the ones on my feet were as long and wide as the toe that sheathed them.

I was pacing back and forth in my room when I heard a loud crash followed by several other banging noises from downstairs. I froze for half a second before realizing what the likely cause behind those crashes would be. Bolting for the door I sprint down the stairs to see what was going on. What I found would forever be one of the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life.

Stella Tenbrook was on the ground, back to the fridge with a fork held out like a weapon to my cat.

I froze for a whole second before busting out in a fit of loud laughter. Stella turns to me with a death glare but quickly snaps her attention back to Ra'za when she takes a step forward. It was inexplicably funny to see my tiny little cat stalking a werewolf, and the werewolf being the one that was scared for her life.

I'll admit my cat is the spawn-of-Satin to anyone that wasn't me but still, this was a bit excessive. "What did you do?" I asked Stella.

Without taking her eyes off the cat. "He was eating my food!" She exclaimed. At that the cat let out a nasty *Raouwwerr* at Stella.

Chuckling at the other girl's frightened look, "She." I corrected.


"She. Not he. She doesn't like being called a he."

"What the fuck ever! That thing's crazy!"

"Aren't you supposed to be the big bad werewolf." I say waggling my fingers just to irritate her.

Glaring at me for a milla-second, not daring to take her eyes off the cat in front of her for any longer. "That thing is not natural! It was made by Sidonis himself." She claims still brandishing the fork like a weapon.

"Who?" I ask

"Not till you call off the little demon you call a cat." She proclaimed.

Rolling my eyes I sighed at her. "Ra'za come here." I call out to said demon. She stares at Stella for another long moment before dashing to me. I pick her up and start cooing to her. "Aww...¿Quella ragazza era cattiva per te? Huh?"

She looks up at me and *Meow*s in response.

"She was? That mean girl. Non ascoltarla." I coo at the black and white fur-ball in my arms.

"Hey! I'm right here." Stella says with an offended voice waving the fork to help make her piont. Ra'za and I just look at her with blank expressions, I knew for fact she didn't speak enough Italian to know what I said. She roles her eyes and scoffs. I get a strong erg to smirk but make sure to keep it off my face.

"So who's Sidonis?" I ask allowing a hint of curiosity to color my voice.

"Oh...he's like the lycan version of the devil, or more like Fenrir if you know anything about Viking mythology." She provides for example.

"Ah." I knew a bit about the pagan religion from what I'd read in books. Now that I thought about it I was pretty sure Lycans as a whole originated from the Scandinavian region if my memory was serving me correctly.

We just stood there in awkward silence, well she was still siting, but that was beside the point. I notice that her eyes would dart over and glancing at me every once in a while before she looked away again with a light blush coloring her cheeks. I cock my head to the side and furrow my brows."What?" I question, still absentmindedly scratching Ra'za's neck.

Her blush darkens and I have to admit she does look extremely attractive when she's not being a bitch. Not to her of course. I may be civil with her but that doesn't change the fact she's still a bitch. Literally.

Clearing her throat she mumbles, "You still didn't put on pants." in a low slightly embarrassed voice.

For the second time in less than an hour I look down to see my bare legs. "Son of a bitch." I mutter under my breath as I jog back upstairs.

On my way I hear Stella grumbling to herself, "Stupid cat ate all my food."

I can't help but to smile and chuckle softly at her statement. Making it to my room I drop Ra'za on the bed and grab a pair of grey yoga-pants, slipping them on while I head back out the door.

Leaving the door partly open to let Ra'za out if she wants I make my way to the door next to the staircase where I stored my personal collection of books. There were floor to ceiling bookshelves on every wall including the one with the door on it. The only source of light was from the one lightbulb in the ceiling.

Grabbing one of the many World Litterateur books I had in my collection, I made my way back downstairs to find Stella poking at the food left on her plate.

Walking up behind her my bare feet didn't make a sound as I snuck-up until I was nearly touching her. Leaning in to her ear slightly I say in a low voice, "Ya know most people like to eat their food. Not play with it."

To my surprise she didn't jump or startle. "I'd rather not chance eating after a demon." She retorts sending a brief sarcastic smile back over her shoulder. When she looks back is when she startles. Her eyes went a little wide and her breath caught as she realized just how close to her I was.

I feel my brow twitch up in both amusement and curiosity at how she reacted to my proximity but not the sudden sound of my voice in her ear. 'Interesting.' I think to myself as she rushes out of her seat and takes both our plates to the sink just short of scrambling. 'Very interesting.' I feel the corners of my lips twitching up in the beginnings of a smirk as I walk over to the recliner. Taking a seat I opened the large tomb and start reading on Viking culture.

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