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I had taken Nikolai to my mother, making sure Bak stayed with them for her safety, so she could ask him about Carson.

Walking back to the infirmary I open the door to see Valora half asleep on the bed with Carson.

"Whoops." I mutter spinning around to walk back out.

"Huh? It's okay, you can come in." I hear a groggy voice softly call out behind me.

Turning around I see Valora shifting, careful not to disturb the sleeping girl beside her, till she's in a half sitting up half slouching position against the wall behind her.

While she had been moving Carson had subconsciously adjusted to her and now was in a sitting/laying position with her head on Valora's shoulder, arm slung over the Latina's mid section, and leg across her hips effectively pinning the other girl.

" sure? If your busy I can go." I offered half turning pointing at the door with my thumb.

"No your fine she was having a nightmare so I climbed in to help her calm down and rest." She explains rubbing her eyes to focus them.

"I knew you were a teddy bear, but I didn't think you'd take it this far." I hear someone chuckle behind me.

Looking over my shoulder I see Stella leaning in the doorway right behind me not a foot away.

Narrowing her eyes Valora opens her mouth, leaning forward to speak. She stopes when Carson starts to stir at her movement.

"You're lucky I can't move!" Valora angrily whispers at Stella, a tone of amusement lacing her voice.

Leaning her back against the wall once more, Carson settles back down on her shoulder.

I look at the other girl as she sleeps. 'She doesn't look dangerous or like that smart ass calculating girl we first met. She looks.................... vulnerable..... innocent....... broken almost.' I think to myself as Stella and Valora continue to have a whispered argument.

Breaking from my thoughts I blink hard before saying my farewell. Turning to leave the room I grab Stella by the elbow dragging her out with me.

My fingers prickle with heat where I touch her skin. The heat was nothing like it had been in the beginning, it was still weak, but it had been getting stronger the more time I spent with the cocky lycan.

When she had stepped in to defend Valora in the dinning hall was when I could feel it the strongest. It had flared up bright for a moment before settling back down but this time it stayed at a higher temperature than before.

Shaking the thoughts I continue down the hall to my room. Only when I close the door behind me do I realize I've drug Stella with me into the room.

"Don't suppose there's a reason you drug me here is there?" Stella ask with that cocky smile, arms crossed just above her midsection.

"Uhhhh..................." I trail off looking around the room, 'Why did I bring her here?' "No real reason I guess." My fingers find their way into my hair running through the blue streaked dark tresses as I look to the side at the bare stone wall.

"Riiiiiiiiiight. Right." The golden haired girl says, walking to my bed and sitting down.

Coming up beside her I flop down on my back arms above my head. Dragging them back down I cover my face with my hands as I mutter with a groan, "What am going to do?"

"Wha'do ya mean?" Stella ask leaning back on an elbow, unintentionally getting closer to my face by way of doing so.

Removing my hands they return to their previous position above my head, I answer, "All of these people are looking at me to guide them." I sigh. Looking into her sky blue eyes, "I'm not a leader. I'm just a book worm with big teeth that leaps without looking." I look away as I shake my head.

"No your not." I'm surprised by the strength and determination behind Stella's voice when she says this. Despite my shock at her tone, I still don't tear my eyes away from the ceiling to look at her.

"You are an alpha. A leader by blood. And I've seen the way you act with them. Before you showed them where they fit into the system, they were a mass of chaos driving their own ship strait for the ice." Her voice was loud and strong with a determination I've never seen.

"But I can't lead them into a war." I say my eyes trying to water and blur the image of stone above me but I refuse to let myself cry from the pressure, "I will kill them all if I do."

"I would gladly die for something with courage, than live forever a cowered." She says to me now on one hand slightly leaning over me invading my field of vision, "Besides who said you were leading them alone? I know a few others who would be more then willing to help." She says with a slight smile lifting one side of her lips more than the other.

Suddenly I'm hit with her smell of pure sugar cane. Biting my lip slightly I start counting in my head.


She looks at me like she wants to say more but no words fall from her lips. I look into her eyes to see something, anything to give me a reason. To do what I'm not sure.


There's a flash in her eyes, it moves too quickly for me to really see what it had been. But suddenly she's pulling away and my body's acting before my mind can catch it.

"Three." I whisper under my breath.

Lunging forward I softly but firmly press our lips together. In shock Stella doesn't respond right away.

I pull back a moment later, only by a hair's breath, "Thank you." I whisper in a voice more strained with emotion then I would like to admit.

I can feel that strange heat burn brighter and hotter as she leans down until our lips meet again. Her lips soft against mine as she places her other arm on my other side to get in a more comfortable position.

Slowly I wrap my arms loosely around her neck pulling her deeper into the kiss. I gently bite her lower lip eliciting a low growl in respons. Smiling into the slow passionate kiss I feel the heat start to burn into the beginnings of a fire.

Only pulling away when the need for air became too great. We lie there millimeters apart, our breathing heavy as it mingles together between use.

Licking my lips I see her eyes flicker down. Looking back at me her eyes instead of being dark with lust like I had expected they were bright with passion.

Leaning up as far as I can I pull her down until our lips are meeting again in another languid kiss, as they do the stone door opens. Breaking apart we look to see Valora with a wide eyed expression, that quickly turns into a smirk.

"I came to tell you she's awake but you two seem a little busy so I'm just gonna go." She say pointing over her shoulder as she backs out of the room.

As soon as the door is closed we hear her loud laughter echoing down the hall. I can feel my cheeks flush as I duck my head.

"Fuck. She's going to torture me for weeks with this." Stella groans hiding her face in my neck. At this I laugh loudly at her expense.

"It's not funny!" She mutters into my neck, tickling my skin with her breath.

Chuckling gently I push her off me, "Come on we have to talk to her." I say.

"No you have to." She corrects, "I don't have to but I will, if you say please." she says with a cheshire grin.

"You will anyways, because your nosey." I counter back.

She just gives me a blank look in respons. Rolling my eyes I say with a sweet tone and fake smile, "Please come with me or your not getting another kiss."

This has the desired effect making her jump up off the bed and dragging me out the door laughing as she pulls me down the hall.

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