Two of a kind

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As I'm thrown into the costume closet I manage to crutch myself before I hit a rack. Unlike most people who bolt in the opposite direction of their kidnappers out of instinct, I literally throw my body directly into the person, slamming us into the door and taking both of us to the ground.

Before the stunned person can react I stratal their waist and wrap my clawed hands around their throat, baring my curved teeth at them.

Looking into the persons face I register who it is and immediately let go of her throat and sit back still on top of her.

"Valora?!" (va-lor-a) I shouted in shock.

She doesn't respond but just stares at me in awe. Only then does it hit me. 'Oh yeah she's deft. Shit! She just saw what I am!' My eyes go wide as I realize that, 'Today is just not my day.'

Scrambling to my feet I spin and bolt through the door at a speed I didn't think I was capable of. I run past the bus lane, past the parking lot, and straight down the street until I'm outside the town then I keep running for another few miles. I finally stop on an abandoned back road enclosed on both sides by the dense forest.

Lifting my hands to my head I cover my face and start running my hands through my hair as I stood there trembling. 'I can't believe I let her see me, a human, see me!'

As I continue to flip-out, now stopped in the middle of the road, I don't notice the person creeping up behind me.

When I feel their presence I snap around on the heel of my foot. I see Valora a few yards away from me. I froze in confusion, 'How could she have kept up with me?'

When I had turned around she stopped her approach and now stood there staring at me with a look of complete wonderment in her eyes. Like a kid who sees their mom or dad after months apart.

"You''re..." She stutters shaking her head slightly. She doesn't finish the sentience and just stares at me.

Taking a slight breath and noticeably gulping, "What?" I ask cautiously. 'She can talk? I thought she was deft. She certainly knows ASL.'

She shakes her head again softly and whispers, "You're alive." A smile was slowly forming on her face. "We thought all of you were dead. I thought everyone was dead." She continues with a disbelieving laugh at the end.

At this I freeze and it's my turn to stare. "What?" I breath out in disbelief. Narrowing my eyes I take a closer look at her.

Her lips were parted showing the curved fangs beneath, while not as long as mine they still weren't human. Then I looked at her dark chestnut brown hair, there were three scarlet red strips flowing along her long sweeping bangs stoping off to the side of her head where they all merged into a point.

It felt like my body was numb from shock as my eyes swept over her features labeling her indisputably similar. I felt something, pulling, at my heart and at my mind as I looked into her eyes.

There was a sheen of tears shimmering in her eyes, her hands were folded in front of her mouth partially obscuring the huge grin spread across her face. "No puedo creer que estés realmente viva." She muttered wetly into her hand.

I wanted to laugh at that. I had lived my whole life separated from my own kind and she seemed more shocked to find me than I was to find her. A giggle escaped my throat causing me to mirror her by cupped my hands over my mouth and nose to try and contain myself. It didn't stop the flow laughter, at this point we were both laughing in disbelieving hysterics.

Hesitantly I took a step towards her, almost not daring to believe that this wasn't just a hallucination brought on by the day's events. Valora mirrored my step and we slowly made our way towards one another.

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