Dinner Date

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I had awoken to something soft and warm. Taking a deep breath I caught the sweet scent of strawberries and cherries an odd mix but delicious none the less.

Slowly I peel my eyes open to find the source of the scent. Through bleary eyes I see caramel skin and beautiful dark brown hair. Pulling back from the soft warm object I was holding I see the object was actually a person.

It was Valora, the major who had captured me before, and as I pulled away farther I realized the appetizing scent was coming from her. The weirdest part was my hunger for the sweet treat seemed to increase drastically at the realization.

Slowly I try to untangle myself from the other girl. As I'm pulling my leg away from hers she starts to stir awake.

I watch as her bright amber eyes fluter open, her body beginning to wake up as she stretches her arms above her head and straightens her legs out till their taught as a wire.

Releasing the tension in her body she glances at me as she stiffly sits up from the hard stone table.

Drawing her knees up she hunches her body over stretching her back. "You are not allowed to have nightmares sleeping on a damn slab of stone again." She mutters at me with a tiered voice.

'Nightmare? That must be why she's sleeping with me. But why would she try to comfort me? The last time I saw her I hit her with a damn door.' As I have my mental argument Valora had gotten up heading to the door saying something about getting someone, I didn't really pay attention.

I look around the room seeing what appears to be medical supplies. 'I must have blacked out at the airport. I don't remember I coming here.' Going to look behind me I twist my torso around.

A shooting pain erupts in my gut and quickly spreads to the rest of my body. Squeezing my eyes shut I grit my teeth, so hard I fear breaking them, as I try to suppress a scream of pain.

As I'm fighting off the waves of pain I slowly become aware of a presence beside me. Peeling my eyes open I see Valora in front of me holding a glass of water with a faint purple hue and two pills in her other hand. "Here this will help." She says offering me the water and pills.

Popping the pills in my mouth I hesitate at the oddly colored water. Sensing my unease Valora speaks up, "It's full of protein and fibers to help your body reconstruct and keep your muscles from stealing protein from your bones." She explains. Having no other choice I drank the water swallowing the pills.

It tasted bitter and sweet at the same time leaving an odd taste in my mouth. Making a face at the taste I hand the glass back to her just as the door opens.

Looking back to the door I see the mega, the poodle, and a miner I haven't seen before walk in. The miner is a middle aged Arabic woman, she was the doctor if I had to guess.

"How are you feeling?" The blue eyed mega ask me. She had taken a few steps towards me but not to close, still cautious not knowing wither I would attack or not.

Gritting my teeth I drape my legs over the edge of the bed, "Like I swallowed a gallon of acid." I say through clenched teeth as my feet dangle just above the floor.

The doctor noticing my movements, rushes towards me, "You don't need to be moving. I'm not sure your body can handle that." She tries to push me back down but I just wave her off almost pushing her away.

"Well I'm damn sure not staying on this God forsaken table like some lab rat." I rebuke clenching my teeth once more as I slide off the table onto my feet. Standing on my own, refusing to lean against anything or anyone, I straiten my back and square my shoulders facing my alleged sister.

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