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I didn't know how long I had been hanging there. I did know it had been long enough for my imagination to run rampant.

Images of what could happen flashed through my head. 'A faceless man cutting me lim from lim starting at my fingers, then once those were gone my toes would join them on his silver tray slowly filling with the blood from my lost appendages.

Or having an iron drug across my body melting my skin and branding me till they hit bone.' These were just a couple scenarios I had conjured in my head. Which meant it would likely be far worse than that.

The metal door swings open breaking me from my thoughts. Nikolai and two other older order members walk into the room.

"The Commander wants you brought to him." Nikolai says voice and expression completely derived of emotion.

The other two men both looking to be in their mid-twenties walk towards me and unhook my arms, which had long ago lost all feeling. Leaving my hands and feet shackled they half drug half carried me to see Lockwitch.

As we go along my head drops up and down as I fight to remain conscious. The farther we go the more I start to recognize the hallways and corridors passing by. As we pass a closed door I catch sight of the label, Children's Bunk, Quarter IV. That's when the realization set in, we were headed strait for the children's education rooms.

As they drug me down the hall I could hear high pitched voices repeating an all too familiar mantra, "Never show fear. Never show courage. Nothing but servants. Nothing at all." their little voices chores together.

'Oh no.' I think as the two men open the door to reveal a class of about twenty odd five year olds looking obediently toward the front of the room. Lockwitch was sitting there at the front of the class, behind the teachers desk, as the actual teacher stood dutifully beside and a little behind him.

"Ah! Here's that surprise I promised you." He says looking to one particular student.

Looking I see a young five year old boy with bleach blond hair and electric blue eyes I knew he had. 'No, not him. Please, not him.' I begged whatever power was watching over us.

The boy turned around to look at the door and upon seeing me his blank stare turned into a beaming grin.

"Carson! Your back!" He shouts running to me wrapping his tiny little arms around my hips as far around as he could reach and still not being able to fully do it. His round little face turned up to look at me as his grin stretches from ear to ear showing of his one missing tooth and rosy little cheeks.

"Hey Charlie bear." I say a soft smile lifting my lips but it was bittersweet. I knew something dreadful was going to happen. This little boy I had practically raised and trained for the past three years was about to suffer the consequences of my mistake.

"Well isn't that just adorable?" Lockwitch says in a sickeningly sweet voice as he slowly approaches us.

The two guards tighten their hold on me as the commander nears.

"Charlie come here please." He calls the boy from my arms. I don't want to let him go. I don't want to let him near that man, but the two men holding me don't give me a choice as they twist my arms until they're straining against the chains to get me to comply.

Standing next to the large scarred man Charlie looks up at him. His face a picture of innocence.

Turning the boy around to face me Lockwitch puts his hands on the young boys shoulders.

"Now Carson. Where did you say that mega was? He ask in a conversational tone as he lifts one hand from the boys shoulder. Reaching behind his back he pulls out a gleaming silver pistol.

"No! Don't! You can't!" I plead as he puts the gun to the back of the boys head.

"Carson?" His little voice ringing with concern but not for him. His concern was pointed towards me.

"I'm going to give you until the count of five." Lockwitch says to me.

"Please he didn't do anything!" I plead with him.

"One." His voice is calm, devoid of emotion.

"He doesn't know anything leave him out of this!" I scream at him.


"Don't!" I yell my eyes burning with tears and what feels like sulfur.

"Three." He pulls back the hammer.

"Gggaaaaa!!!" I yell trying to leap at him but the two guards send me to the ground pinning me.

"Four." He presses the gun firmly to the little boys head.

"Fi-" He begins starting to squeeze the trigger.

"Egypt." I say in a broken whisper.

"What was that?" Lockwitch ask me.

"They went to Egypt." I say louder this time.

"Egypt of course. Hiding right under our nose." He mumbles to himself.

"Now please let him go." I say tears threatening to pour down my red cheeks.

"I told you, you would regret it." Is all he says before pulling the trigger.

"NO!" Screech as the boys head becomes hideously deformed from the bullet ripping through his tiny skull.

Before I know it I'm screaming in blood rage, "YOU HEARTLESS BASTARD!!!" my voice echoes throughout the room in a deafening roar.

My voice took on a different quality like my sisters had when she fazed. It became strong and weighed a thousand tons with the amount of raw power behind it rumbling and echoing as if the voice was disembodied coming from the depths of an endless well. "I will kill you!" I hiss through my teeth as I find an almighty strength in my rage and anger.

I rip my arms apart dislocating my left wrist as I break the chains holding me. Before I can even think I'm spinning on my guards, I shove my hand into the neck of one and slice the others throat with the same hand as I rip it from my first victim.

Spinning around I narrowly dodge a bullet as Lockwitch shoots at me. Before he can shoot again I leap forward catching his armed hand in my long fangs as they sink into his soft flesh. Ripping his hand free from my clamped jaws he does even more damage to his hand.

Before I can go for his throat I'm tackled from the side by a large heavy figure. Feeling a needle sink into my neck, the last thing I'm aware of is Lockwitch's fading voice saying, "Nikolai, make sure it's dead and get rid of the body."

Then I blackout.

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