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'I don't get it. I know that was real! But how?' I contemplate for the umpteenth time.

I was pacing in front of Ra'za, who was laying on the bed. After I convinced Bak and Iras into letting me out of the infirmary I was brought to a large room with a single king sized bed. To light the room an oil fire was placed in a semi-deep cut out in the wall that ran from one side of the door around the room and disappearing back into the door on the other side.

One would think that would make the room reek, but the entire place was riddled with an intricate ventilation system. Not electric of course but the way they were crafted into each room made the air come in one way causing air flow in that direction and there would be another vent that caught the air and pulled it back out.

I stop pacing at the end of the bed and plop down making Ra'za bounce and meow her disapproval at me. Ignoring the ornery cat, I start stroking her pelt and scratching behind her ears causing her to purr happily.

I sigh as my train of thought continues to replay the feelings and sensations over again in my head. Everyone had been insistent on knowing what had happened, and I wanted to tell them, but I couldn't explain it, I couldn't get the words to come out of my mouth. Something was keeping me from telling them, like it was something only I should know.

Stella had been the most persistent in asking me question after question. Every other one was, "Are you okay? Are you sure?" ,or something to that extent.

I got up and resumed paced back and forth for I don't know how long before I heard a knock on my door. Looking to the side I call, "Come in."

The heavy stone door opened slightly and Iras' head pops in, "Dinner is ready. I will show you the way." she motions for me to follow her.

Her Arabic accent was very thick making it a bit harder to understand her than Bak but I could still manage to figure it out.

I follow her out the door, shutting it behind me and start walking after her down the corridor. I follow her around several twist and turns until we come to a large entryway with no doors that leads into a huge room. Hundreds of people were talking and laughing, milling about huge stone tables carved right out of the floor.

I stay frozen just outside the entryway but that doesn't keep people from noticing me. As a few around the room glance around and see me the rest of the group starts to notice my presence as well. A hush falls over the room. All of them are looking at me, the adults with looks of joy and awe, while the children and teenagers look confused and cautious.

Awkwardly nodding my head I duck down and scan the room for anyone I know.

Spotting Eric sitting by himself as the Anu seemed to flow around him as if some invisible force field was surrounding him forcing them away. Not knowing what else to do I walk with Iras to get my food. As I walk I can feel the stares of everyone following me like I'm a little green martian.

The food is laid out on a large table to one side of the room. Iras grabs two plates and starts putting food on one before handing it to me. Gingerly taking the offered plate I give an awkward nod of gratitude before turning to make my way to where Eric is sitting.

Stepping forward the people before me part like the Red Sea as I walk by making me feel even more uncomfortable. I almost run to Eric's side and sit with him hoping whatever repellant he's using will work for me as well.

'Dear Lucia these people are scary! It's like they watch your every move trying to see what you'll do next and it is creeping me the fuck out.'

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