Hooded figure

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It was around seven o'clock when headlights flash across the living room. Getting up I walk over to the window to peak outside. There was an old black and red mustang pulling in the drive and parking next to Dad's pickup. I watched until I saw Valora get out and trot around to the passenger side, presumably to open the door for DeLacy.

Turning away from the window I trudged back to the couch and promptly flopped down.

A few moments later the door clicks open as DeLacy walks, she turned around in the frame and waved at the other Anu. "Adiós amiga." She called with a light smile tugging the corners of her mouth up before fully stepping into the house.

"Well someone's awful cheery." I muter under my breath.

"Well hello to you too." DeLacy snips back, taking a seat next to me on the couch.

I felt my cheeks heat up as I turned my gaze to the other side of the room. 'I should say something. So how was your day? No she'll think I'm prodding because of Valora. Did you have fun? Ugh no, just say something!'

Taking a deep breath I open my mouth and speak before I lose my nerve. "Well this is awkward." The moment the words are out of my mouth I felt like slapping myself upside the head.

"Yu~p." She agrees, popping the p.

We sat there in awkward silence for a few moments before she finally spoke. "I'm sorry for reacting the way I did last night." Her voice was soft and toned with weariness.

My head snapped up, I was stunned for a moment before finding my voice. "Yeah, me too." I say slowly.

Silence fell again before DeLacy pushes up from the couch. "I'm going to my room." She announces, making her way to the stairs.

"Does this mean I get to sleep in your room tonight?" I pipe up before she reaches the bottom step.

"Nope." She dead pans, trotting up the stairs.

"Please, I'll give you full reign over the radio tomorrow." I offer trying to persuade her.

"Really?" She questions with a flat tone and raised brow.

"Do you have any idea how loud Dad and Eric snore?" I ask in a completely serious voice, giving her pleading puppy dog eyes.

She gives me a look of sympathy at that. "Well when you say it like that I have to. Making anyone sleep in the same room as those two is cruel and unusual punishment."

A smile spread across my face as I followed the other girl to her room. More than happy to at least be on speaking terms. We'd have to talk about last night, but that could wait until tomorrow.

I start to climb into the bed when she stops me. "Uh-uh you sleep in the floor." She states firmly with a frown pulling at her features.

"Bu...." I start.

She holds up a hand to cut me off. "No buts, either you sleep on the floor or with Eric and your dad." She restates, climbing into the bed and physically blocking me, signaling the end of the discussion.

Not wanting to risk having to sleep with snoring grizzlies I firmly clamp my mouth shut and lie on the floor.

Not a second later I had a pillow dropped on my face followed by a foot blanket. "Thanks." I mutter sarcastically through the material.


The next day brought a friendlier attitude between DeLacy and I. It wasn't much of an improvement, but she wasn't completely ignoring me so that was a plus.

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