A Different Kind

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Turning around we're met by the sight of a monstrous man that makes a body builder look like a baby.

"Fuck me." Stella whispers under her breath in astonishment at the mere size of the man.

"This going to be fun." I hear the dark voice of my sister say beside me. Glancing at her out of the corner of my eye I see a huge, slightly psychotic, grin curving her bloodied lips.

"You need a psych check." I mutter before diving to the side as the man bellows out a war cry charging at us.

"They'd put me in an institution!" She half shouts from across the path where she landed out of her roll.

"You say that like they wouldn't have a reason to!" Valora calls out, looking over I could see her sanding by the other man and his son still clutching her arm as blood pored down it soaking her shirt as it stained her skin and the ground around her.

I didn't hear Carson's response as I dove to the side again barely missing being crushed by the monster of a man. Spinning around I could see him shoving away from the stone wall he had charged into. With an angry snarl he start towards me again.

Snarling in return I surprised him by charging forward myself. As he reaches out to wrap me in his arms to crush me I drop to the ground and baseball slide under him.

"Chuck! You don't want to do this." The Dutch accent of the other man comes as he steps out onto the path pistol in hand aiming at the large vaguely human shaped man.

"Traitor!" The deep guttural sound of the mans voice bellows through the chamber.

"Okay enough talking." Carson pipes, "Come on Tiny. Over here boy! Come here!" She mocks the man easily three times her size.

"GAAAA! I'll show you tiny, little bug!" The man shouts back charging at her with a deafening roar.

Leaping at the man she goes to jump over him but at the last second he catches her foot. Carson had been standing on the open side of the path and they both went tumbling over the edge.

"Carson!" Valora shouts rushing to the edge of the path with me close behind.

Looking down we could see the man laying face up on the ground a couple of feet away from the edge of the path below us. I searched franticly for any sign of Carson but she was no where in sight.

Then the man started to move. Shaking his head he looked around him a bit dazed and then he started rolling towards the cliff. He pushed against the ground dazed in a futile attempt to stop himself. Looking again I saw a long tan leg from under the man push on his back one last time and the man slid off too confused to put up a fight. There was no way he could survive another fall like that.

Laying on the ground where the man had just been was Carson still alive, if not a little crushed. Okay a lot crushed.

Valora immediately hopped over the edge and started skimming her way down the rock face with her good arm. Following her lead I do the same until we reach the level Carson was on and rush to her.

"You okay?" Valora ask helping the other girl sit up.

"Fantastic." Carson grunts, wincing as she comes into a sitting position.

"See this is what happens when you don't keep your mouth shut." I reprimand her lightly smacking her arm.

"Your concern for my well being is touching." She snipes back. Grunting she slowly stands up with the help of both Valora and I.

"You guys alright?!" Stella shouts from above us.

"We're good!" I call back.

"Hey where'd all the gun slingers go?" I hear Valora comment as she searches the area for Nadef.

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