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Battle Cry

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Two weeks of going around every port in Cairo and so far, not a single sign of the Nadef. While the others were relieved by this, I was on edge. 'What could be taking them so long to get here?' I question internally, 'The only things I can think of that would take them this long to find us, especially with the amount of Anu poring in, is they are either stopped trying to kill incoming Anu from entering the city, or they know we're here and are waiting to come in with a larger group force and getting equipment shipped over and from local outpost.' While I'm thinking about the possibilities and their outcomes a voice interrupts my internal interrogation.

"Hey Carson look!" A feminine voice says across the table from me, "I'm a walrus!" She exclaims looking rather stupidly adorable with two straws stuck on the ends of her much larger fangs.

"No you're an idiot." I correct reaching over and swiftly snatching the plastic straws from her teeth, fighting to suppress my amusement.

In return she just pouts, her bottom lip slightly stuck out and everything. "Gonna start calling me Lap Dog again?" She questions sarcastically, her arms lazily crossed under her well formed chest.

Chuckling I respond, "No." I take a sip of my tea and let a happy look cross her face before finishing my statement. "I was thinking, maybe Chihuahua." I say looking at her over the rim of my glass. Her face immediately fell into a blank expression.

"You are down right evil, ya know that?" She says just looking at me with that same blank expression. My only response is a low chuckle as I take another sip of my tea.

Glancing around I casually scan the docking bay just across the café Valora and I were sitting outside of. Taking in as much detail as I can, I don't spot anything out of the ordinary. Turning back to the woman in front of me I see her trying to balance a bread roll on the tip of her nose.

"Let me guess, a walrus." I say my voice betraying non of my inner amusement at the other girls antics.

She lets out a distracted laugh as she smiles while still trying to balance the roll. "Nope. A seal." She corrects.

"A walrus is a type of seal." I point out, my lips almost imperceptibly twitching in the beginnings of a small smile.

"It is?" She says, looking at me, dropping the bread roll off her nose in the process. I don't respond other than a gentle shake of my head as I take another glance around.

As my eyes sweep the dock I catch sight of a figure in a blue tee and ball cap. As I look back at the figure they're gone in the sea of people.

Valora seems to have caught on to my sudden alertness and is now discretely looking around to see what's caused my alarm.

"Guy in a blue tee and ball cap, see em?" I ask facing her as I scan the crowd with my peripheral vision.

She looks back at me before responding, "Yup." She says looking me dead in the eyes. 'Shit.'

"Hey, did you see that little corner gift shop?" I ask hoping she catches on and plays along to give me an idea how far behind me he is.

Thankfully she catches on right away, "You mean the one across the street?" She says taking a sip of her drink.

"Yes, how far away do think it is from here?" I ask.

Setting her cup down, "About a hundred feet. If we start walking now we'll get a lot closer." She says moving to stand.

'Shit he's coming this way.' Following her lead I stand and start casually walking shoulder-to-shoulder with her. "Do you think we'll be able to find it again?" I question as we walk.

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