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After I composed myself some I turned to go snooping in the room I'd be sharing with her. That's when I realized Eric was still standing there with a confused expression on his face making a little crease between his eyes.

"Careful you might get stuck like that." I say to distract him from his question.

The confused expression leaves his face and he smirks "You wish little bit." He says with a smug tone.

In return I give him an annoyed look. 'I'm not short, you're just tall as a freakin tree.' I'm actually five foot seven but that wasn't saying much when compared to Dad's seven foot and Eric's six foot five heights.

He retreats down the stairs before I can retort. Rolling my eyes I lift a hand and come gold locks, that were somewhere between very light brown and true blond, out of my face. Turning back to the open door I gingerly stick my head in and take a tentative sniff. Finding that the room didn't smell like much of anything aside from the faint hint of cat fur and what I quickly matched as DeLacy's true sent, I take a step onto the black carpet and start investigating my new shared bedroom.

The bed and nightstand were in the far corner with a window overlooking the back yard beside it. Caddy-cornered to the left of the door was a tall chest-of-drawers made of a dark black wood same as the bed, nightstand, and dresser to the right of the door. And there was a closet just past the end of the bed directly across from the hallway with sliding black wood doors to match the furniture and bedroom door itself. The walls were a dark blue and the ceiling was black with sparkly swirls in it giving the illusion of a night sky.

I carefully step over to the dresser and glance over the organized clutter littering its surface. Picking up a set of gold bangles I ran my thumb over their surface, I noticed that some had red and blue triangles on them and others seemed to be laced with some sort of white pattern. My brows twitched as the patterns registered as familiar. Shaking my head I brush it off and set the bangles down. Next I picked up a spray bottle full of a yellowy liquid. My curiosity got the better of me so I gave an experimental sniff.



'Found her perfume'

Lifting a hand to guard my nose from any further assault I set the foul smelling liquid back on the dresser and walked over to the bed. The comforter was black with gold sheets. 'I'm starting to see a pattern here.'

I sit down on the bed and look out the window at the backyard. There's a small patio set on the back deck and a large barn several yards to the back and right of the house.

Putting a foot on the edge of the bed I rest my chin on my knee. I relax for a moment before the smell of smoke tickles my nose unpleasantly. 'I really need to change, and of course none of my clothes survived the fire.' Groaning I drop my foot back to the floor and push myself up off the bed to go ask for some.

I step out into the hall and make my way down the stairs to find everyone seated in the living room. "Can I have some clothes to change into?" I ask to no one in-particular.

"Sure thing Spidy, I'll get you some of my clothes." DeLacy offers with an amused smirk. I give her a slight glare but opt not to say anything.

She just huffs and walks past me to go back upstairs. As she passes our shoulders brush and I can feel my body surge with heat that prickled at where her skin had made contact.. DeLacy slightly jumps away from me but I wasn't sure if that was from the heat I let off or because she didn't want to be near me.

"There ar' towels in the bathroom upstairs if you would like to take a shower before bed." Stacy says to me in her Italian accent.

Throwing what I hoped was a convincing grin in her direction. "Thanks." I called as I followed DeLacy up the stairs.

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