Runaway Ammo

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'Gaaaaaaaaa!' I mentally scream as DeLacy and I drag about a hundred pounds of explosives and weaponry she found in the stations armory out of the roofs air shaft. Needles to say it was very hard to push a hundred pound bag up a very long vertical shaft.

I nearly slipped and fell all the way back down when DeLacy let go of the bag without warning after pushing the vent fan and cover off the top. Apparently she didn't know lycans are not meant to climb. We are suppose to have our feet on solid ground at all times.

An officer had come to the roof for a smoke break when he heard us and DeLacy had to knock him out before he could alert the rest of the station.

Pushing the bag the rest of the way DeLacy completely took the bag from my hands and out of the shaft. Pulling myself up I squint my eyes at the brightness of the sunlight. Setting the bag down DeLacy comes over to help me out of the shaft and over the unconscious body of the police officer at the base of the shaft.

"You okay?" DeLacy ask me in a low voice.

Looking up at her I give a slight nod in answer. Nodding in return she turns back to the bag of weaponry she swiftly picks it up as if it was nothing more than a sack of candy and walked to the edge of the roof.

Following her to the edge I look down at the adjacent building roof thirteen feet below us. "How exactly do you plan on getting this to the ground again?" I ask looking over to the other side of the roof at the other building the same hight as this one with the same thirteen foot drop dilemma on the other side.

DeLacy looks at the other building to before looking to the side across the street before responding, "I'm still working on that." She says looking towards the alley where we had come.

"So in other words you have no idea." I say watching her walk to the alley side of the roof.

"In other words I'll figure it out." She shoots back leaning over the side of the roof.

Letting out a small snort I mutter, "Meaning you don't know." As I walk up beside her and pier down into the alley below.

She doesn't respond but instead looks down the side of the build for a moment before turning towards me and looking past me at the three-story building. "How good are you at catching?" She ask looking at me.

"No." I say looking her dead in the eyes.


"I hate you!" I shout at the dark haired girl thirteen feet above me on the police stations roof.

"No you don't." She calls back with a chuckle.

"Yes I do." I grumble under my breath glaring at her with my arms crossed, my face twisted into a scowl.

DeLacy chuckles again, "You ready?" She calls.

"Sure." I say uncrossing my arms and spreading my feet shoulder width apart to brace for the weight.

"Alright hear goes nothin'." She says before chunking the large bag down at me.

Lifting my hands I stumble as the full hundred pound of weight hits me. Falling backwards I manage to catch myself with one hand and keep the bag balanced on top of me and off the ground.

Hearing a slight thud I know DeLacy has landed on the roof. Coming over she easily takes the bag from me, "Thank you kindly." She says and walks over to the other side of the roof.

Getting up I follow her to the edge and look down to see the slanted roof of a one-story shop two-stories below us.

Looking over at DeLacy I give her the best blank 'I hate you' face I can. In return she gives me a dazzling grin and one of her back upper canine teeth pokes out of the corner of her mouth in an annoyingly adorable way that makes it impossible to say no to her.

Letting out a deep sigh of defeat my shoulders slump before I take a few steps back and run off the side of the roof. Landing with a large 'thump' I catch myself with my hands before standing up.

Turning back to DeLacy she looks down at me. I give her a thumbs-up before holding my hands out to catch the bag. Tossing it down I can't catch myself this time and land with a hard thud as the bag of explosives lands on me nocking the air out of me.

Hearing a soft thump not to far away I see DeLacy a moment later haling the large bag off of me allowing me to catch my breath.

"Are you alright?" She ask kneeling down next to me. I don't answer her, I can't. Reaching out she gently rubs my stomach in soft smooth strokes her hand slipping under my shirt on accident.

Before she can pull away I feel the heat from her touch, now a strong burning heat, seep into my skin easing my muscles and drawing deep slow breaths from me.

Seeing this DeLacy continues to rub soft circles on the skin of my stomach. Her breathing falling into slow deep breaths along with mine as she continues to rub slow circles. Looking down I can faintly see the paler of her hand against the darker skin of my abdomen.

Looking up to meet her eyes I see her to looking at the contrast of her light colored hand on my lightly tanned body. After a few moments she looks up at me and our eyes lock. Staring at each other for a long moment DeLacy finally pulled her hand away from my stomach and clears her throat.

"We should get going before the station realizes all their weapons have done a disappearing act." She says in a low hypnotic voice.

Taking a shaky breath I give a curt nod before clearing my own throat. Standing she helps me up before picking up the bag that had crushed me.

Walking to the edge of the building on the alleyway side she hands me the bag before hopping down into the alley.

Looking down I see her ready to catch the bag and toss it to her. Catching it with a slight stumble she manages to stay upright and hefts the large bag over her shoulder in an awkward position.

Coming up beside her we begin our trek back to the community. Back to the underground.

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