Game Plan

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I had been confined to limited activity for the past few days not allowed to be on my feet for too long. It was infuriating to not be able to do anything. Not to mention I was bored out of my mind!

Though I could still feel the pain of my body's massive change over a short period of time; I could also feel the strength behind every movement in every motion their was such power coursing through my muscles. A nerves energy building inside my body waiting to be released to break free and reap it's havoc upon the world around me.

The pain was fading and I could walk farther and move faster, every hour I got stronger. Iras monitored my growth and reconstruction and Valora, God knows why, stayed by me as much as she could. Helping me sneak past my prison guards and taking me down to the fields.

"Come on Carson it's just a cow." Valora says exasperated.

Glaring at her I bare my teeth, "I know what it is, what I don't know is why you want me to touch it." I bit back.

"Oh come on its cute." She says taking a step towards me grabbing my hand before I can move away. Gently tugging on my hand she draws me toward the light brown/white calf a few feet away.

"Valora...." I say trying to pull my hand away but she just tightens her grip, not painfully so but enough to prevent me from pulling away.

"Come on it's just a little baby." She says tugging me closer to the little thing.

'I know, that's why I don't want near it.' I think to myself. The little brown calf took a step forward as Valora drew me down into a crouch, so as not to scare the little animal, curious of me and clearly not afraid. 'You should be. Please just run away.'

It took another step forward stretching out its big wet nose sniffing at me. I noticed Valora looking at me intently out of the corner of my eye but I never took my eyes off the baby calf in front of me.

The little runt softly nudged my bare knee with its wet nose. Sniffing me for a moment it's nose went higher reaching the hand resting on my thigh. I felt something ruff and wet run over my hand and the bare flesh of my thigh.

Twitching my fingers I lift my hand up as the calf continues to lick my hand. I feel my lips twitch upward at the weird ticklish feeling of the calf's tongue. Letting out a light giggle at the sensation I settle down on my knees sitting on my feet as I draw my other hand up to stroke the soft fur of the brown calf.

I'm faintly aware of a presence moving beside me but don't bother looking. Someone wraps their arm around my waist and I'm drawn into someone's lap sitting on their legs as they wrap their other arm around my midsection.

As I move so does the calf taking a few steps to get near me I can feel its wet nose on my skin as it's deep hot breaths hit the skin across my collar bone licking me every so often.

Stroking the calf I lean back into the person behind me as they rest their chin on my shoulder. "Told you." Comes a soft voice whispering in my ear.

One side of my lips quark up, "Shut up." I flatline, only the barest hint of a smile in my voice.

I hear her chuckle and listen to the baying of the goats and barking of DeLacy's dog as he chases them to and fro.

Scratching behind the calf's ears it lets out a contented sigh of approval. I feel the soft brush of lips on my neck and without thinking turn my head to allow better access. The soft full lips graze across my skin stopping once they reach my pulse point. Planting a soft kiss there I let out a sigh as I lean back farther and turn my head to look at the other girl.

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