Blood trail

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I scrubbed furiously at my hands and arms. Watching as the clear water hits my hands and runs red down the drain.

I was currently in the locker room baths. Coach Tenbrook took me here to clean-up and get me away from the other students.

I couldn't go home because news was already spreading that Luke had been badly injured. Coach told everyone that a loner had somehow gotten into the territory and slipped into the school.

The entire school was put on lockdown and Ms. Terri was taken to the hospital before she could come-to and remembered anything.

Next I got up on the counter to wash my feet in the sink basin. As I wash the blood from my feet I realize something. Looking over my shoulder I spot the trail of bloody foot-prints leading from the door. 'Che sta per essere una cagna da pulire!' I think to myself. Glaring at the bloody trail.

Turning back to finish cleaning myself off, I resume my task with an angry vigor.

Once I'm through I go to grab my sweets only to remember they were taken and disposed of because they too were drenched in the blood of my recent victim. 'Damn it! Now what am I supposed to wear?'

I look around and all I find are the athletic clothes. Which aren't any better than the white tank top and tights I'm wearing now.

Giving up my futile search I grudgingly go back to the bathroom area and wet a bundle of paper towels to clean-up the trail of foot prints I left.

As I set about cleaning my mess an old tune my mother used to sing popped into my head. I couldn't remember all the words but I could remember the main stanza.

"A sea of gold,
A sea of red,
The sea of souls,
Forged from bloodshed."

I hummed to myself as I got on my hands and knees to cleanup the blood.

I continued humming until I heard the gym doors open and close. I could hear people outside, and it sounded like they were coming this way. I realized the blood trail wasn't just in the locker-room but from the corridor I attacked Luke in to the locker-room as well.

'Shit! How could I've been so stupid?' Going into a mental freak-out I search quickly for a place to hide. Hearing the foot steps stop outside the door I jerk my head around and find a place.

'Thank Amun for air-vents.' I think to myself as I dash to the cover. Hopping up on a bench I tear out the bottom-half and crawl in feet first so I can see out into the room. The door swings open just as I close the vent with a soft clack. Looking between the slats I see two people walk in. It was the two wannabe Barbies that always hung around Stella like lost puppies.

"Tia. Come on what if it's still here? You heard what that loner did to Luke." I hear the darker girl stage whisper.

"Would you shut-it?!" Tia whisper yelled back. "We want to find it you idiot. That's why we came here."

"Yeah we really have to? What if it attacks us? It could kill us! The only reason it didn't kil..."

"Shut-up Kim! There's two of us and one of it so chill the fuck out, would ya." Tia raises her voice just over an angry whisper.

"But what if we get caught? We could be in trouble. And Stella would kill us." Kim says worriedly looking around like a paranoid meth-head.

"Would you just shut-up?! And who gives a damn what Queen Sluts a lot thinks?!" The butcher of the two retorted.

That last statement earned a deep rumbling growl that quakes from my chest before I can catch myself. I could feel my eyes burn and I knew they'd be able to see the glow. They seemed to be paralyzed as they looked towards my hiding spot.

The gravity of my mistake hits me like a freight train when they jar from their fear induced paralysis. Kim screams bloody-murder as Tia growls back and drops her head down in a hostile stance.

Scrambling as I see her eyes go black I crawl backwards as fast as I can, not caring how much noise I make. The shaft was too narrow to turn around without the extra space of a bend. Just as I hit one I see the vent cover being torn off the rest of the way.

I'm barely able to wrap my body around the other way before she can fully see my face.

Still scrambling away I force myself to go slower and be quiet as I make my way through the labyrinth of the air ducts till I hit the vent leading into the culinary arts room. The culinary teacher had conference second period so no one was in the room.

Breaking the cover loose from the wall I drop to the floor with a thud. Cautiously I make my way over to the windows, they were the same size like those on a bus, lining the outer wall. Because the room was a big kitchen it was mandatory it had lots of windows to vent the room. Also these windows did not open but half way for safety purposes, or something like that. So to get an opening big enough I had to break the sill around the window. Using my claws to dig behind the plastic sill I ripped it from the wall. Making a loud snapping noise as the frame toor apart.

Someone must have heard the noise because I hear heavy foot falls as someone runs down the hall. Dropping the frame I shove the window out onto the grass before hefting myself up and dive through the hole head first. Landing with a roll on the grass outside, I just barely miss the broken window. Getting up I sprint down the covered walkway at an immense speed practically flying around a corner running right into a large muscular body. My momentum sending him stumbling backwards.

Looking up at the person I've plowed into I see that it's Mr. Tenbrook, Stella's dad. Scrambling out of his grip I look at him with frightened eyes. Steadying himself he puts his hand on my shoulder and gives me a reassuring nod. His eyes dart over my shoulder as he hears my pursuers. He quickly pushes me towards the auditorium motioning for me to go.

Not stopping to question him I sprint through the double doors. I practically galloping across the back stage area until I near the other doors. As I slow down to keep from slamming into the doors I'm tackled off my feet into a nearby closet.

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