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Truth and Lies

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Something large hit me and sent me tumbling over it and onto the asphalt road with a hard thud. Lifting my head from the asphalt I ignore the sting in my cheek, and down the whole side of my body, as I look up to see a figure emerge from the van that hit me.

A large man walks towards me as I climb to my feet in a bit of a daze from the pain and sudden shock. My eyes still burned and tears blurred my vision but I knew who it was after a moments study. "Nikolai?" I say getting a better look at the man. 'But he shouldn't be here for another ten minutes.'

Continuing to walk towards me, "Come here bunny this won't hurt. You need to take your shot." the man I consider my father says pulling a large syringe out of his pocket. I was all too familiar with the dark amber syrup like liquid that practically glowed in the syringe under the street lights.

Backing up from the man, "Papa what's going on? Why is this happening to me? What's in that serum?" I fire question after question continuing to backup from his advancing form.

He doesn't answer me but someone behind me does. "It's a special formula we created that keeps your DNA in check. Keeps your natural traits from showing." A deep smooth voice says.

Whipping around I see a tall well defined figure his short army cut hair looking white in the moon light and his eyes were cloaked in shadows as the light turned one side of his face silver. There were five large parallel scars running from the top of his head and ending at his thick strong jaw. These scars appeared to highlight in the presence of the moon.

"Commander Lockwitch." I say trying not to let fear show through my voice.

This was the supreme leader of the Nadef and the only living being that has ever killed a mega with his bare hands. He was the only thing every Nadef was taught to fear.

"Hello Carson. It's so good to see you again. I only wish it could be under better circumstances but that can no longer be helped." After he says the last part I feel a needle pierce into my neck and blackout.


Slowly awareness creeps back into my mind, at first I try opening my eyes but find I can't. I'm faintly aware of swinging by my wrist and a sharp pain shooting down my arms.

Hearing a door open I stop trying and wait for the person to announce themselves.

"I know you're awake." Comes a slightly squeaky voice.

Prying my eyes open I see a boy about my age with a bald head and five claw marks on his neck. It was the arsehole that was assigned to attend the school with me as we looked for the Anu.

A humorless chuckle rumbles from my chest, "They sent you to watch me?" I ask sarcastically, obviously making fun of him. "You got your arse handed to you by a miner. The same one that gave you that big arse scar." I pick-at knowing his insecurity about the scar and how he got it.

Walking up to me he lands a solid punch to the side of my face. 'Ow.'

I slowly lift my head up to look at him, "Aww, what's the mater Squeakers? Did I hit a nerve?" I mock with a taunting voice.

"You little...." His voice squeaks with the strain he uses to talk through is clenched teeth. He draws his hand back for another blow but this one connects with my stomach.

The hit sends me swinging wildly. Blocking the pain I use my momentum to swing me legs around and clock him in the head.

The chains on my feet dig in at the impact but it has the desired result of sending the boy hurtling across the small concrete room.

He drags himself up using the wall for support and before he can start towards me again the metal door swings open and a large figure stands in the doorway, a slightly smaller one standing behind him.

"What are you doing?" The larger man ask the boy.

Standing up as strait as he can the boy does a salute, "Commander Lockwitch." He address the larger man, "It was acting out of place. I only aimed to put it back in its place, sir." he answers.

"We'll take it from here." Lockwitch says, "Dismissed." And with that he turns from the boy as if he was never there and faces me.

As squeak leaves the other man comes into the room, it's Nikolai. Ignoring the commander I look at him in accusation. 'He knew. He knew. He knew.' The phrase kept replaying in my head like a broken record.

His face was expressionless as he stared at a spot on the wall behind me. Turning my attention from the Russian man I look back to the commander.

"You're very lucky your not dead, you know that?" He ask me, "You see I can't kill you because you have something I want."

"I'm not giving you a blow job." I deadpan.

I catch the motion of Nik's lips twitching at my statement and Lockwitch furrows his brow and purses his lip, "Crude one aren't you." He addresses me.

Snorting I fire back, "Stuck-up one aren't you."

Laughing humorlessly he turns away from me before spinning around bringing the back of his hand hard across my face.

The action causes my new fangs to pierce my bottom lip and cut my tongue. I close my mouth causing it to fill with my own thick coppery blood.

"Now what I want is for you to tell me where the other mega is." He says lifting my head and putting his face inches from mine.

Looking up at him I spit the gathered blood in my mouth at him and watch as it splatters across his face, "Go to hell you worthless piece of shit." I hiss through bloody gritted teeth.

Pulling out a handkerchief he wipes the blood from his scarred face. "You will sorely regret that." He threatens in a low voice.

With that he turns and walk out of the room. Leaving Nikolai and I behind.

"Do you really think now is the best time to piss him off?!" The man whisper yells at me.

"Oh, so now you can see me?" I question with as much sarcasm as I can put into my words.

Taking a step towards me, "Carson. You are in very big danger. Your life is at stake!" his voice was etched with concern.

Looking him dead in the eyes, "It doesn't mater, if I don't tell him I loss my worth and he kills me. I tell him I loss my worth and he kills me along with God knows how many innocent lives." my voice gains an edge of anger at my useless state.

Sighing he quickly exits the room leaving me there with my thoughts.

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