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I was in the kitchen listening to Disturbia by Rihanna from my plug in speakers. Stella was on the couch with Treck, Mom's black German Shepard, and Ra'za was siting by my phone trying to change the song.

"Just an FYI I changed the password." I tell to the black cat. She looks at me and flattens her ears in an angry expression and gives me a disapproving hiss before jumping off the counter and running upstairs. 'I swear that cat acts more like a person than a cat.'

"Your cat scares me sometimes." Stella pipes in from the couch.

I nod my head and say, "Me too." Before go back to doing the dishes. Things between Stella and I haven't been completely awkward, but when you have to share a bed with someone you just heavily made-out with because you were two seconds from killing said someone's brother's bitchy ass 'girlfriend'. Well it's definitely not casual.

Gods know I wasn't giving the poor girl a break about it either. Little Miss Popular turning into a whimpering mess after being kissed by the school nerd was just too good of an opportunity for teasing.

Just then Eric came through the door with grocery bags in both hands saving us from another long awkward silence. 'Thank you Eric.' "Hey, what's in the bags?" I ask turning the water off. Drying my hands off on a dish towel I turn away from the sink to face him.

He gives a tight smile while looking down as he puts the bags on the counter. Furrowing my brow I walk over to the bar to help with groceries. Now standing across from him with the bar between us I give him an inquisitive look, not touching the bags.

He looks up at me with a shy expression on his chiseled face. "It's an apology for what Macy did." He says with a slight mumble. I look at him with a raised eyebrow and he continues explaining. "She was way out of line and had absolutely no right to say what she did. You and Ms. Maasai are always going to be welcome within the pack territory." He assures earnestly. I give him a small smile and a nod of appreciation.

He sighs in relief before he seems to get excited and starts rummaging around the bags. "So um- I asked your mom what I could do to make it up to you, and she said to just by a lot of vanilla flavored stuff. So I got you ice cream sickles, and these vanilla cake things, and some of these hard candies..." He rambles pulling out each item as he says them.

I just looked at him with slightly wide eyes. I look over to Stella for help and she just shrugs with an amused look on her face. 'This is not funny!' I tell her through a glare. She just gives me a cheeky smile and turns back around.

Looking back at Eric I decide I should stop him before he faints from lack of air. "Eric." No response "Eric!" I say louder this time. He still doesn't hear me. "ERIC!!!" I yell.

This time he stops talking and looks at me with wide eyes and a poorly disguised fear face. "Stop, it's okay. You really didn't have to do this." I say in a normal voice. Trying to reassure him that it really was fine. "I should be the one apologizing, not you." I state with as much sincerity as I could get in my voice.

"Yes I did! She shouldn't have done that!" He practically shouts, ignoring the last thing I said. "I told her when she got here that she was going to have to be nice and she still goes and does that!" He rants throwing his arms around to emphasize his point.

"Eric calm down. I don't care. She's gone and as long as she behaves and stays away from me next time then there really is no problem whatsoever. Okay?"

"Okay." He sighs out. The upset look on his face quickly morphs into a coy smirk. "Does this mean you want me to take all this back?" He questions playfully.

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