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Road Trip

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"What are you owing?!" I yell to the green eyed girl siting behind me.

"Your da.....stupid cat is clawing my skin off!" She says catching herself from cursing in front of the little boy, Valora still sent her a warning death glare.

Turning around in my seat I see a very angry Carson with a moving mass under her sweater. "Ra'za come here." I call to the mass.

It stops moving but doesn't come out. I see Carson gritting her teeth so could assume the black cat had her claws dug deep into the girls skin.

Unbuckling I turn around in my seat and get on my knees. Reaching over the back of the seat I grab the hem of the purple sweater.

"What in the hell are you doing?!" Carson yells at me trying to get away while her hands are still taped together.

"Language!" Valora and her parents yell.

Ignoring them I lift the sweater up enough to grab Ra'za and pull her away from the kicking girl. 'Well as close to kicking as you can get with your feet duck taped together.'

I turn back around in my seat and buckle still holding onto the frightened cat. "Was that really necessary?!" Carson all but yells at me.

"Yup." I fire back.

I see Stella out of the corner of my eye trying not to laugh and mostly succeeding. Mostly.

Carson must have heard her because she kangaroo kicks the back of Stella's seat. Which inevitably jars mine as well considering I was sitting next to the blonde.

As a result Ra'za latches onto my legs, digging her claws deep into my flesh.

I hiss in pain as Stella starts yelling at Carson, "Hey! What the hell is wrong with you?!" she's turned halfway in her seat to face the raven haired girl behind me.

"Would all of you stop cursing?! There's a kid in the car!" Valora yells at everyone from the far back seat on the other side of Eric.

Ignoring her and Stella as well Carson just sits there like nothing's happening.

This made Stella furious, she hated being ignored, "Hey! I'm talking to you." She says reaching forward to snap her fingers in front of the other girls face. "Hello? Anything rattling around in that thing you call a face?"

Carson still ignoring her looks out the window at the passing traffic. Stella getting agitated reaches to grab the girls face and force her to look, when she spoke in a very calm and dark voice, "If you wish to keep that hand attached to your body, I highly suggest you reconsider what you're about to do."

Stopping in her tracks Stella slowly retracts her hand. Not wanting to show how much she had gotten to her Stella says, "Well are you going to answer the question?"

"No." The green eyed girl dead pans.

"Why not?" Stella ask heatedly.

"I did answer your question. You asked if I would answer your previous question and I said 'no'. That's an answer to one of your questions." Carson shoots back, starring at Stella with that same deadpan look.

I look over to see Valora, her brother Dillon, and Eric nearly busting with laughter. I was too but I was doing a lot better job of not showing it. Before Stella could say anything else, both Dillon and Eric broke causing the rest of the car to explode in loud laughter.

Stella, beet red and angry turns back around in her seat slouching. I look over my shoulder at Carson. She looks from Stella to me with a raised brow. Shrugging my shoulders I face the front and start prying Ra'za's claws out of my leg.


"Are we there yet?" Stella ask for the millionth time.

"No." Mom answers with thinning patience.

"Were are you even going?" Carson ask from behind me, "And do pray tell why exactly I'm going with you?" her voice gaining an irritated edge.

"Because I said." Mom answers with a firm but kind voice, 'Miraculous she can still be sweet between Stella and Eric. You'd think the seven year old would be the worst to ride with. WRONG!' "And to answer your first question, we are going to the one place the Nadef won't think to look for us." she finishes.

"And were exactly is that?" Carson ask in a less patient voice.

"Really?" Valora speaks up, "Why would she tell you? Your the one trying to kill us!"

"Valora." Mom says from the drivers seat effectively silencing the girl. Looking at Carson through the rear view mirror, "I'll tell you for a price." She offers

Narrowing her eyes Carson looks back through the mirror, "What?" she ask cautiously.

"What name do you go by?" She ask through a slightly emotion thickened voice most wouldn't be able to tell.

Not answering for a minute she seems to consider the offer. After a several moments she looks at me quizzically, likely realizing she already told me her name. I shrug my shoulders at her and end the silent conversation as the whole car waits with baited breath, "Carson." she answers in a low quiet voice.

In response Mom gives a bit watery smile, "Carson." she whispers. Taking a deep breath and clearing her throat she says in a steadier voice, "That's a beautiful name."

Carson doesn't respond in any way but sits there waiting for Mom to complete her end of the deal.

Catching on Mom averts her eyes back to the road and quickly says in a strong voice, "Egypt."

"What?!" Everyone yells at once.

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