Ready or not...

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The weekend consisted of trying, and failing, to ignore DeLacy. And avoiding the black and white furry demon she calls a cat. If that thing even came in the same room as me I left.

Now it was Monday morning and these people wake up AT 5:00 IN THE MORNING!!! 'Who does that? The sun's not even awake at that time.' Anyway it was Monday morning and DeLacy and I were getting ready for school. 'Thank the Gods Mom took me shopping this weekend. I was not looking forward to having to barrow someone's cloths.'

I dressed in a red crop-top, black leggings, and tall black boots with two silver buckles on the side of the top. We may not have been able to stay with anyone from the pack but they still pitched in money or whatever they could to help us out.

DeLacy was wearing grey sweats that were about two sizes too big, thick black nerd glasses that made it hard to see her eyes, a grey toboggan, a small black Egyptian cross necklace outlined with gold on a gold chain which she almost never took off, and of course she had to put on that horrid perfume.

I didn't see her put on make-up though. In fact I hadn't seen her put make-up on all weekend, yet she always looked like she had thick black eyeliner that came out and slightly turned up giving a thick Egyptian cat-eye effect, long thick black eyelashes, and a thin gold line that ran along the middle of the black eyeliner on top.

A frown pulled at the corners of my mouth. Eventually my curiosity got the better of me. "Why does it look like you have make-up on?" I asked taking a step forward so she could hear me. I made sure to maintain a good distance between us, not only because I didn't want to accidentally touch her, but because her perfume really was horrid.

"Huh?.....Oh that." She absentmindedly responds with her head in the closet looking for shoes. "It's part of my natural skin pigment."

"Natural what?" I ask furrowing my eyebrows in confusion.

"Skin pigment." She repeats before standing up strait with a pair of black Nike's with blue checks and white souls. She looks at me and upon seeing my confused expression she sighs. "Pigment is what makes a living thing the color it is." She elaborates in a 'duh' kind of way. And that makes my blood boil, probably more than it should.

"Well excuses me Miss Know-it-all. I don't read the dictionary for fun. I actually have a life, my bad." I snarled in return.

"Whatever cagna." She mumbles under her breath, but I still hear it. I wasn't sure what she said but it was pretty obvious that it was meant as an insult. I flinched before I could catch myself, scowling I glare at her before stalking out of the room.


I walk into the school and the usual onslaught of cat calls and wolf whistles were heard from the human half of the school's population. 'Really people, you act like you've never seen a girl before.' I think to myself as I come up to my locker, surrounded by my 'friends'.

Thankfully the lycans were smart enough not to piss off the reining alpha's daughter.

"Hey Stella. We heard about what happened. We're so sorry." Kim fawns with a note of actual concern in her voice. Tia nods her head in agreement with about as much concern as a hornet.

I liked Kim far more than Tia to say the least. Poor girl wasn't too bright though.

The only reason Tia stuck around me was because I was the Alpha's daughter and guys swarmed me and Kim stuck around because Tia did. In truth I've never even kissed a guy, but that didn't stop them from telling they're friends that they had. All the rummers were because of guys trying to get in my pants and failing so they lie about it. At this point I've stopped trying to correct peoples perspective. It was exhausting and the rumors made people think of me as even bitchier so they left me alone and didn't ask too many questions.

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