Coffee run

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Waking up to the barest hint of light I reluctantly open my eyes and peer out the window to the gray sky outside and watch for a few moments as the rays of gold creep across the silver canvas.

Deciding to get up I roll out of bed and stretch my arms above my head, causing my light gray shirt to rise-up above my belly-button, exposing the taut muscles of my mid-drift to the chilly morning air.

Forcing myself to stand up I walk over to the end of the bed and look down to see Valora fast asleep on her back, one arm under her head the other haphazardly throw across her stomach. Her shirt had ridden-up in the night and the jeans she had slept in were low cut showing off a flat tan stomach.

Standing next to her I softly prod her exposed side with my cold toes, "Get up." I say still shaking her with my foot.

"Mumm-fiiffuf-merrrmmmiimmum." She mumbles out turning over on her side to get away from my prodding.

Huffing, I furrow my brow and shove her with my foot. Normally I'd let the poor girl sleep if she wanted like I let Stella, but I was afraid it wasn't safe for her to be asleep alone in the house. "Valora. Get-up-now!" I say the last part with more force.

Suddenly the Latino shoots bolt upright and shouts. "The bacon's in the freezer!" In a total panic.

I'm silent for a moment as I just stand there and stare at her, "What?!" I half laugh in confused amusement.

"Huh?" She looks up at me with a look of utter confusion on her face, "Wha..." I see the confusion gradually leave her face as she looks around and starts remembering what happened yesterday.

"Figure it out yet?" I tease with a crooked smile.

She looks back up at me with narrowed eyes, "Oh hush." she grumbles, lying back down.

Laughing, "I'm not the one dreaming about bacon." I retort with a lifted brow.

Keeping her eyes closed she doesn't miss a beat, "You're just jealous because the voices only talk to me." She fires back.

Chuckling I playfully step on her side and shove, "Geeet uuup." I drawl through my laughter.

Groaning in response she makes no move to actually get up. "If you don't get up, I'm getting a bucket of ice." I warn walking to the door.

"I'm up! I'm up." She shouts, rolling over to push herself up on stiff joints.

"Well hurry up." I call over my shoulder as I turn out of the room to head for the bathroom.

After only a few minutes and I quick scrub down of my teeth I'm done in the bathroom and head back to my room. When I pass by the cut-out that looks down on the bar I hear the shuffling of feet and the slight clinking if plates and cup from someone in the kitchen. Looking down I spot Valora and Mom by the bar.

Stopping for a moment I look over the ledge at them as Mom disappears out of sight to the other side of the kitchen. Then look at Valora as she leans against the bar drinking a cup of coffee.

I watch as Ra'za jumps onto the bar, waiting to see what havoc she plans to wreak upon the poor girl, I lean on the low wall and keep watching.

The cat assuredly jumps onto Valora's shoulder and plants her paws on the girl's hands and starts drinking strait out of the coffee cup still clutched in her grasp.

Expecting her to freak out like Stella did when the demonic little tyrant ate her breakfast, I was taken by surprise when instead she laughs at the cats antics. "Hold on." The Latina chuckles as she lifts the cat from her shoulder and places her gentle on the counter. Ra'za looks pissed until she places her cup of coffee in front of the now very pleased cat.

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